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Drawer Butt

Another angle from Monday's Ellery scene, due to me not even opening DAZ Studio until 23:00 this Tuesday.
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Sorry, was kind of catching up on sleep today, so for today’s (late!) daily render you just get another angle of this moment.

nsfw )
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I did seven different renders of this today, which differ mainly in lights. The second was done at noon, & I probably should have then called one of the first two good enough and posted it. I did four before I realised the back wall had a big patch of twice-reflected sky I didn’t want, and so added a ceiling to the other room behind the camera. I slept while rendering the fourth and fifth, so that made it take even more than seven hours (several of the renders took most of an hour apiece). This is the sixth version, which has lights in the same positions as the first, but with different relative strengths, and the aforementioned ceiling.

This is the second day in a row where Creedence is definitely looking lower than the viewer’s/other character’s face, although I’m not sure she’s looking at the viewer’s crotch this time.


I don’t know how much I’ll continue with “Totally no pants.” I kind of wanted to do more variation and progression of movement in that scene, but I got a little sick of it after three days.
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Three images, nsfw for nudity )

...grumble mumble...I’m posting late because I spent a long time working on an effect that wasn't cooperative, and it would have been much quicker to do it a different, rougher way. Eventually I gave up.

I could have posted these shots seven hours ago.

Maybe it isn't clear, but two of these shots are from the characters' perspectives, and there's a curl of hair hanging in front of Creedence's right eye. That's what's in front of Teresa's face in the third image.
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...I expect to be posting bits of this scene, with Creedy and…someone…for the next few days.
And that someone is Teresa! )

Did I disappoint anyone who expected a guy?

This relationship has been how I saw things with these two for a while. Go back and look at Creedence's first appearance on September 30, & the daily render two days earlier of Teresa sitting in the firelight. More or less the same firelight, I suppose. It's the same room they're in now, and it's intended to be Teresa's home.

I haven't done a lot with Teresa, and I hadn't come out and definitively said she was queer, for fear of overly repeating myself.

Teresa isn't really a younger version of LaFaonne; but they're obviously both moderately dark, natural-haired, sort of femme, low-makeup (in other words, pretty normal Niauropsaka characters); and probably some other things yet to be mentioned (like, um, well, for now let's just say my characters have a lot in common with each other because they come from the same author). I do think about these characters as more than just art models, even if I don't get a lot written & posted.

Maybe I have a "ship" type: colour-contrasting couples where one—or both—are vaguely soft-femme. (Even Ronnie was going to have a dark-skinned girlfriend! But I worried that made her weirdly like Elaine, so I hadn't made that official. Of course, that also kind of fits Ronnie's ethnic identity issues.)

Oh, well, there really is more to my cast than the "gang of dykes," obviously. But contrasting shades on lovers is definitely (Jade & Terry) going (Elaine & LaFaonne) to continue (Candy & Loren) to be a thing (Marisol & Jon [nude], Sandrine & Sylvio [nsfw but at least it isn't the coital scene], Ellery & Georg [haha so nsfw, but this post is nsfw anyway]).
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Cut, cut, here comes the smut )

The daily renders are finally leaving behind that glassy-walled room and its variations. I expect to be posting bits of this scene, with Creedy and…someone…for the next few days.
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I haven’t rendered anything new today, so you get an unused angle from a few days ago.

nsfw )
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nudity )
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Made the walls more reflective for this shot.
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“Τσίπρα, ο λαός είπε ΌΧΙ.” That is, “Tsipras, the people said NO.”

I’ve been ill all week, and reading about the Eurozone crisis, and mostly doing very simple renders before falling asleep.
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Loren is leaning on the wall, and looking up the wall, and we are looking down the wall at him.
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Cut for absolute cleavage )

Sorry, I was a mess yesterday due to illness. This was almost a very late Saturday post, but I built a new background, and added more magnets to the blouse, and ran over into Sunday. I still think it’s imperfect, but it was just meant to be a quick silly thing anyway.
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Hey, look, it’s the comic I’ve been putting off for a few days!

OK, I was trying to come up with a better description of Varoufakis's head than "Bullet-head," and finally gave up.
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Wow, I had forgotten about this! This was probably an abandoned idea for the giant Girls with Slingshots guest week some time back (which has sadly disappeared from Danielle's site). Jeannette in costume as Hazel from that comic. Red hair, kind of plain clothing, a beer bottle in hand--that's pretty much all you need for a Hazel costume.
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“You need to get back to work! Stop playing video games for hours and make some art!”

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