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I actually posed and rendered this scene early today, and decided not to publish it. It started as just one of those scenes I put together for myself, comparing different character designs side by side. I didn't think it was worth publishing.

That said, while I was working on it, I went looking at 3D-Age's Renderosity store, thinking about getting some more virtual clothes. 3D-Age is having a 60% off sale? Prae has some big markdowns, too!?

Anyhow, the clothes in this happen all to be 3D-Age. That's why I'm posting it. So if you use Victoria 4 or a figure that can adapt Vicki 4 clothes, this may be a good day to take a look.

There are a few hours left. Too bad I am basically broke. Oh, well, I already have a lot of the useful 3D-Age stuff, anyway.
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Not nude, but I'm making a cut anyway. )

Two days ago, I tagged a post ‘daily render.’ So of course I missed the next day.

I don’t know if you’ll see this character again. She may not be finished, really, but I think I’ll mostly leave her as she is now. I meant her to be a little fatter when I started working on this design a few hours ago, but she seems all right for what I wanted, which was sort of a generic brown voluptuous figure.

And her name is whatever you want to call her, unless I relent and bring her into the comic strip. As of now, she’s a player character for a game I expect I’ll never make.
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A year ago I hoped to have my own domain and site. Instead, I haven't been doing comics for a while. And the tags are a mess. Oh, well.

Please visit these other webcomics. They actually are webcomics, even!

Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2017

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"If you can't tell, you're a dumb liberal."
"I mean, come on, Pocahontas is a Disney Princess."
"That was a dumb movie."
"Canonically, the most beautiful of the Disney Princesses."
"OK, one, that's crazy, and two, you're missing the point."
"Am I? What's wrong with being Pocahontas?"
"It's not the movie!"
"You have something against Indians?"
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I had an idea for a ‘quick’ strip, but pretty late. I’m pushing it back to the 13th. The first panel may look something like this.

Yes, I am trying to post daily again. No, I don't know for certain what if anything I will have posted for VDSD.
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I’ve been thinking of making T-shirts like this for a while. Have my characters wear them, and then someone can buy a real-world version from Society6.

This one was obviously thrown together fast. You could probably make it yourself. I don’t seem to have a page on Society6 just for the basic design? Here a few of the actual shirts:

V-neck (ecru text)
Tank top (dark purple text)
Biker tank (dark purple text)
Long-sleeve (ecru text)


Feb. 10th, 2017 11:25 pm
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I went ahead and joined this year's VDSD anyway. February 10th is the last day to sign up. Deadlines are good, right?


Too long

Jan. 31st, 2017 09:13 pm
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I made Bea Blaze's legs too long.

moderate nudity )

Also, I have gone without producing art too long.


Jan. 23rd, 2017 09:45 am
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This is a day late for the Planned Parenthood #IDEFY event--
--but I'm just glad I did some art finally.


What do I defy?
I guess I defy the man in the penthouse who thinks a raised middle finger is justification to beat somebody up.

[Letters from the PaintyPaint font by Vin Rowe]
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888*1236 )

Oh, wow, this has been a long year.

I didn’t produce very many renders to choose from the last two months. But I was doing some creative experimentation earlier in the year.
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To be honest, I’m not optimistic about the coming year. But ‘Happy New Year’ is the obvious thing to post, and I—I haven’t written a comic strip in 3½ months! I’m sorry.
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"Oh, for crying out loud! Pick a pose, pick an expression, and render something to post!"

Once I started moving dials, this was easier than I thought. I have had some weird artist's block lately.
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This is largely a retread on the 3D side. The pose is not changed much from several days ago. There are some minor tweaks you won’t see. New expression, new camera angle, new lights, new 2D background; but no, I don’t think I’m “back” yet. I feel like I’m coming back, but I’m not sure.

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