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I'm actually a little proud of that hand pose.

I do like my visual design on Lupe. I only have a little sense of her personality, and I don't expect to do much with her in a comic. I have a lot of characters already. But...maybe I will use her more.
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Argh. I can't seem to finish even one render a day. Not very happy with this one, either. It was already midnight, and I realised I would have to fill in a shadow in Photoshop. Which I did, badly. So I redid it a couple of times before 1:00.

Rude Lupe

May. 26th, 2016 05:36 pm
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Trying out this set, trying to find good material settings for the water in the pool.
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Oops, didn't do this in time to be Tuesday's render. First glimpse of lamia-version Ellery with the "long taper" tail. I tried to get it roughly proportionate to Nia's.
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I started this the 15th! I just didn't work on it often enough.

Of course Ellery and lamia-Ellery don't have matching eye textures. Neither have they matching skin textures, nor hair textures.
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variation & continuation of render from november 23

My! Eyes!

May. 18th, 2016 11:53 am
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Sort of an outtake, no, a still, except they're all still shots. Anyway, a bonus render from a scene in an unfinished comic strip.

I don't know when I'll finish this strip.
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I need to remember that "render something every day" and "post something every day" are two different things. It's OK to render some things & then decide not to post them. And comic strips may take longer than a day.

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This blog is four years old today–a good time to reflect on choices I have made & roads not taken. But I’m running late, so maybe more about that tomorrow.

This image was rendered for my Patreon artist page, back in September 2014. I never officially launched the Patreon page, and so this has, I think, gone unpublished.

Bikini-clad denizen of the Uncanny Valley
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Oh, maybe the day before the fourth anniversary of the strip was a bad day to flake completely on art. Or is that appropriate, considering my history?

Anyway, here's a new shot of Sandrine, more or less.

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Old scene, from late July 2013, back when I had a scenario and plans. New camera angle. Slacking off today.
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I admit I dropped that thread. I recall having some doubts about visuals at the time.

I opened a file of Evdokía today & remembered it. The upshot was probably going to be that my pro-drachma, anti-ECB stance was well in the minority, and Evdokía was going to tell me I was wrong? I wonder if I still have those notes.

Anyway, congratulations to London on their recent election!
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I like to have some consistency in character design. I like this hair prop, but it was really bothering me that it made my hair suddenly look much, much thicker than some of the others. And then I made peace with it. In real life, my hair isn't all that thin anyway. So, suddenly, cartoon Nia has thick hair for a while.

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