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This is late. I'm sorry.

For anyone who stumbles on this by accident: No, most of the comic isn't like this. Most of the time Ellery isn't like this; usually her hair is even shorter and she's in modern clothes. Most of the comic avoids high fantasy tropes; this is 'fantasy Ellery.' Most of the time (so far) there isn't even a comic.

For that rare person who actually recognizes these characters from other art posts, sorry, I zonked out today & got this done late. It's rushed enough that I didn't give Ellery her giant sword, and I didn't render Lady Azal's piebald unicorn. Maybe they'll have them in another scene.
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Yes, Bernie Sanders has mainly lagged behind Hillary Rodham Clinton in nationwide polls. Now it looks like she’ll win the primary.

But calls for the party to unify around her now are still premature.

I’m looking at you, George Takei. You’re a Californian! California hasn’t even had its presidential primary yet!

“Bernie Sanders fans” still have points to rack up, & delegates to elect. This is internal party politics, & it matters. Party members can make some difference to what kind of party the Democrats will be in the future.

The nominee will have months after the last primary to convince the other half of the party to support their bid. There’s plenty of time then.

You know, in some countries, an entire national election takes less than eight weeks! Some U.S. states don’t have their primaries for state office until late summer!

Hillary could ask for & get progressive support when the time came. But her supporters have been trying to stop the primary & declare her the winner throughout the season.

And that’s tacky.

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I was working on something else that kept crashing, so I just pulled out this old scene & stuck a new camera in it. At least this isn’t a woman with giant boobs again.

[looks at Domingo’s chest]
That’s not the same. And at least it isn’t Iris with her big conforming-figure hair again.
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Somehow this ended up with a background & an implicit height for an Iris love interest. Probably a boyfriend, but it technically could be a particularly tall girlfriend. I'm going to say boyfriend.
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I’m pretty sure I have not posted any renders of Tamala before. I originally had a specific story in mind for her, almost three years ago.

Apparently I did customise this dress for her, back in 2013! That skirt should have been at 98% opacity, but the lights are pretty intense.
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OK, if you’re in New York & a Democrat, you probably expect that I’m going to ask you to vote for Bernie Sanders. I think it’s pretty clear where I stand on that. Hillary seems awfully willing to start wars without Congressional authority, & I naturally prefer Bernie Sanders.

But what if you’re a Republican? I haven’t talked about this much. I think…I think John Kasich is a reasonably sane man. He seems very Roman Catholic, very “pro-life;” those aren’t things I identify with myself. But he seems to have his head on his shoulders.

Trump & Cruz, on the other hand, are full of hubris.

Trump wants to build a useless wall on the southern border. This will stop exactly no one from smuggling into the country, but will ruin the value of people’s land on the border, and harm wildlife. He’s a cocky amateur in over his head.

Cruz is a giant egomaniac who may be a dangerous religious fanatic. He’s a creepy Holy Roller whose wife says will “reveal the face of God.” I think we can take it as given that Ted Cruz is an apocalyptically bad risk.

So, we have a probably sane man, a probable fool, and a probable lunatic. I would pick Kasich.

Anyway, vote your own consciences. (Unless your conscience is telling you to vote for Ted Cruz, because then it’s just wrong.)
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I told myself I would make a comic today. Then I did something else. This is all you get: another angle on the most clothed shot from 21 March.

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I have been using a sort of generic black & white colour scheme on here since I got this blog. Today I decided to change the colours to be less white everywhere.

While I was at it, I changed the default font & alternative fonts to ones with serifs. If you don't have either Constantia or Garamond Premier Pro installed, I don't know what it looks like now.

Also, I changed my default icon.


Apr. 9th, 2016 01:13 pm
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A character design from January I'd not done anything with yet.
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