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I’m not thrilled with this for a few reasons, but after fiddling with this scene for a while, I’m putting this composite up just to have a daily post.

Really more of a sketch, but it has panels of a kind, so, sure, call it a comic.
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I created this character design back in October, before I quit doing art for a while.

I don’t really remember if I had any actual plans for her. I kind of wonder if she was even meant to be in my main setting. Maybe she was even meant to be doubly fictional, like a character Ellery knows from somewhere? Eh, I probably just made that up while trying to remember now. Oh well.

I named her Calliope Jones–which I just now looked up to see if that is anyone’s name. OK, she is not named after the band, nor after the Arleen Sorkin character! I just thought it sounded good.


She’s working outside today. That’s all I know.
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Just a quickish nude render today. This reminds me that I want to improve the materials settings on Eddin’s body hair. Well, I fixed his gens materials today, because wow did I have that too pale before.
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‘Beach,’ she said. Well, sand, anyway. There is water out of frame somewhere!

Caitlyn, Stephanie (in background), & Grace
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Another angle of this for today.

DAZ Studio, with a little 2D Photoshoppery in the far background.
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I had open a file with Rosalea, and it’s been a while, and I was changing her hairstyle, and at one point, I thought, just how different are she and Teresa, physically? I mean, they’re kind of similar builds, both at least vaguely Afro-Hispanic, and I don’t think I’ve ever had them in the same scene, nor even thought about it.

OK, so. Huh. They don’t actually look alike, that’s good. But I was actually a little surprised at the specific ways in which they look different. As I said, it’s been a while.
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Wow, this spring seems like a long time ago.
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I really wanted to post a GE2017 render at a reasonable hour today. Well, it’s now 20:37 in Britain, so I failed at that. But if May somehow manages to hang on as PM, at least we can reuse this the next time.


Jun. 6th, 2017 08:56 am
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Just experimenting. Bleh.

Hugo butt

Jun. 5th, 2017 01:15 pm
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I probably should add some body hair to this model. Meh.

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