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I like the contrasting values on this outfit. It reminds me of a superhero costume or something.

The bodysuit doesn't have the same material settings as on yesterday's render. This version is not necessarily final, either.
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A quick shot of Mazzie just to have something posted today. I see now I am probably going to have to tone down those bags under her eyes. Wow.
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Just a different angle of an old scene for today’s render.
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I may come back to this design.
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Is this the first time Ivy’s had a post to herself? I think so. Another character whose story isn’t getting told.
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Different background, different postwork effects, but the same arm & hand positions as Kayce had in yesterday's shot.
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Attention militants and would-be terrorists. Paris is very big. You only cut a tiny piece of it. You have awakened a belligerent giant.
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A quick render for Wednesday.

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