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I don’t claim to know what the best answer is for the European Union nor for Great Britain. I was in favour of “Grexit” because I thought the Euro had failed the European periphery, and that Greece was being abused by the European Central Bank. “Brexit” is very different, but when I first heard it proposed, I sort of liked the idea of the EU losing ground, and maybe I still do. The truth is, when it comes to what I actually care more about—the knock-on effect of this vote on countries still attached to Europe and the Euro—I don’t know what the effect will be, and so I don’t know what to tell you.

But the main visible advocates of the “Leave” faction are sufficiently unpleasant to make me want not to support them. Nigel Farage remains a stupid toad. Gove has a strangely worrying smile on his face; what does he think he’s pulling over?

And Boris Johnson says he’ll apologise on telly if Brexit precipitates a recession. Well, that will accomplish just about nothing!

Put some skin in the game, Boris! Promise you’ll give up something that costs you! Maybe you should pledge that if Brexit causes Britain serious economic or political problems in the first five years, you will donate your entire fortune to a preserve for moose and squirrel!
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This was meant to be a quick thing, and it kept evolving. Ah, well, I think it's time to say I am done with it.
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I could be doing a lot of other things today, but I decided just to build a new character. I'm not real happy with that hair prop. I'd like one that's in between that and a full head of hair. It seems to me there is a real lack of good male pattern baldness hair props for 3D artists. Oh, well, I guess I'll probably change it.
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Amelia Karsten was a character I created about a year ago, when I wasn't posting very much. I don't think I ever wrote down a script for her, and I don't remember whether she was specifically meant to interact with any one of my other characters, but I am pretty sure she was meant to work at a tree nursery or the like.

I looked it up just now, and apparently 'Karsten' is a Low German form of 'Χριστιανός' ('Christian') and nothing to do with geological karst.

Edit: I briefly had a topless version of this image posted, because when I was working on it earlier today I had quit at that point; but I decided to change it, because your introduction to this character doesn't really benefit from a 'nsfw' tag. Also it had pokethrough.
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OK, so I gave her a first name. Pankhi Sinha? Doesn't that sort of mean "Bird Lion"? That'll do.
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nsfw )

Lately I've been sculpting characters and just calling them by surnames. So this is Miss Sinha, Mr Post, and Miss Reinhold.

This is a proof of concept. Three days ago someone on dA wanted me to produce a scene with a man flanked by "two nude girls in stockings;" so I put this together as an example of how I might interpret the description.

It feels like there are a couple days' work in this, counting the new character designs & clothing customisation. I don't mind. I got to give some of my technical skills a workout. Yesterday I dd some costuming & character design and did so much work with magnets! Today I composed this scene. I probably spent about three hours posing limbs and especially hands.

This is as far as I'm taking this project without being paid, though. So the person who made the request can make some specific suggestions if they pay me to continue; or they can settle for this version for free, which is what I expect they'll do.

It definitely got me thinking about commissions, though. Anyone wanting to commission me, I think a scene like this with two or three characters would be cheap at €50, although at that price I think I'll also render the final version a bit larger.
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NSFW, I guess? Maybe? Slightly aroused man in pants )

I posed Mr Post here for a scene I’m not going to get done today. So for today’s daily render, I stuck this nonsensical background behind him, which in hindsight was a bit of wasted work. Well, maybe someone will like it.
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fantastic nudity )

This is the room from my snake-girl shots of December 2014. I rebuilt the room exactly, which is probably silly given that it's really just a doorless, windowless box with a funny-coloured mirror on one wall.
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some nudity )

I worked on the materials for that clock today, because I wasn't happy with how it looked in 3Delight. I think it's better, but not ideal yet. (Clock from Northern Terrace Kitchen Utensils by David Brinnen & ForbiddenWhispers)
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Yeah, let’s just call this one that. Yesterday's render was a mess and not worth the increased size. I just wanted to get something posted early....

And today I said something stupid online without at least posting anonymously, and now I have a lot of people mad at me.

I've been doing that lately. So much for learning to bite my tongue.
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1224*1672 )

Double my usual dimensions, why not? Enjoy the summer weather, if you're getting it.
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I don't think I ever made that tag for, "I just made a new character, and here it is."
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Warning: heterosexual content! Well, also nudity and fondling. )

I was late with Saturday’s render, so I decided to add to it and have a big post for Sunday. I’m not sure the extra angles add much, though.

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