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Jul. 3rd, 2015 04:56 pm
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No story, just playing around with facial expressions.
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Yeah, I keep going to the pool and not even getting in the water, or something.

Well, metaphorically. I have been lazy about my art, and really lazy about putting art and writing together.
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One thing that probably keeps me out of the 3D art mainstream is my weird attitude toward backgrounds.
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Still not managing to produce a comic. I think I lost a big chunk of the morning reading Cracked.com
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Really not a descriptive title. (NSFW) )

Another pair of earrings customised. I’m pretty happy with the colour, even if they don’t show up that well in this shot.

Also, a sexy shot in a desperate bid for attention for fans of that kind of thing.
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I'm trying to come back from not making art. Somehow I get sidetracked by little details. Yesterday, just dressing LaFaonne got sidetracked by looking through my library for earring props, and then downloading lots more earrings from ShareCG.

I'm not so sure about these earrings for LaFaonne. I've used a version of them for Rosalea before. I don't want my characters' styles to start to converge too much on my own tastes.
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One more, tighter angle. )

So, yeah, I’m not actually dead.

I haven’t had much interest in art over the last month and a half. I rendered a couple of pieces I was unhappy with and decided not to post; I didn’t go back and work on the scenes enough to make them acceptable.

I basically quit again for a while.

I expect Ellery wouldn’t really have her hair this long in summer, or ever, probably. This is the hair of “Ellery, fantasy hero version.”

I don’t know what happened to the shadows on the ground.
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Lately I've been having trouble with lighting. I wondered if I forgot how to do it after I quit for a while back in March. Or if I ever knew how to do it at all.

There are some subtle things that don’t quite make sense in the lighting and design of whatever space "Cartoon Nia" is standing in here, but this is the first art I've posted in two weeks, so I'm going to let it go.
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Sorry for not updating much.


May. 19th, 2015 10:36 am
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Wow, was it really two years and two months ago? I was imagining what LaFaonne would look like as a guy, and saved this…kind of imperfect version. It’s not really finished, and I never had much reason to post it, I suppose.
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I suppose tomorrow is the actual anniversary of my first post on this tumblr.

But it was three years ago I opened a gmail account, a dreamwidth, and a tumblr, and started making and posting comics.

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nudity )

Lazy, hurried, thrown-together nude. At least the lighting is pretty.
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I did do a fair bit of artwork last week, just not what I was planning to do.

The last few days I’ve been distracted. I took apart my working computer to clean the heat sink, and ran antivirus scans, stuff like that.

Today I’m just going to post a different angle of Thursday’s swimming scene. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I can have something more creative.

Coming up on three years of this blog!
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nsfw )
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I’m actually really pleased with how Kayce’s wet skin came out. I had worried.

For a quick, early render, this took a bigger chunk of morning than I planned, but it looks good.

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