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Same angle as the post several hours ago, just more of it and scaled down.
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When I shot the previous version of this scene, I completely misinterpreted what was causing the shadow on Linds’s right breast, and wasted a lot of time “correcting” it in Photoshop. I now feel stupid.
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I have avatars & icons for various sites that are a few years old now, and from early, early renders. I want to make new ones. The shots in this composite are some I made with that in mind.

The pose is actually from back in late 2015. Today I relit it, and tweaked a magnet.
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1224 * 1672 )

What? This isn’t 3D art!
Well, no, it’s not. But it’s today’s filler anyway.
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Larger resolution of yesterday’s shot with poor Ramses’s nakedness cropped out. I mean, detail of yesterday’s shot. Yeah.
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I am still less than perfectly happy with this strip. But I guess it’s an OK start? I may be revisiting this subject over time.
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I’m not finished with this yet and probably won’t be in time to make it into a full comic for Thursday’s post.

Maybe Friday’s?
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Well, I'm back, after not posting art at all Tuesday.
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At least she has pants on! )

‘Exhibitionism’ is probably the wrong word, but it’s what came to mind.

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