Dying dog

Apr. 16th, 2014 11:30 pm
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This is based on something that actually happened to me. I later found out the dog really was dying.
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This week's Comix Warriors challenge was to create two new characters and do a comic about them.

Bea Blaze & Desmond Pennycooke, a.k.a. guitar duo Aggronomy.

Rosalea and Misha are of course the keyboardist and guitarist of the to-date unnamed rock band that has shown up in the strip a couple of times. (They are in fact known by many names, such as, “Dev’s old band without Dev.”)

And I finally had to give my characters’ hometown a name. It’s “Thamnopolis” now, but it could have ended up “Fosterville” or “Brush City.”
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Meet guitar duo Aggronomy, a.k.a. Desmond Pennycooke and Bea Blaze. I’ve been wanting for a while to populate the wider music scene in my comic’s fictional world, and Comix Warriors gave me an excuse.

The present Comix Warriors challenge (until April 8) is to, “Create 2 new characters and make a comic about them.”

I had a rough idea pretty quickly, and I thought I could get something posted quickly for once. (I’m getting very tired of last-minute entries.) Well, halfway to the deadline, I still had to customize some props—specifically their guitars—and start rendering. I thought this would be days quicker!

Well, it’s OK. I seem to have a normal pattern now: sculpting and prepping for the first few days, in between working on other stuff that somehow doesn’t become a strip; then rendering and composing a strip on the last day. Maybe my last day can be Monday this time, instead of the actual last day of the challenge.

P.S.: Comix Warriors challenges are open to anyone, and normal people just draw a comic instead of trying to build everything in 3D. If you can throw something together for this week’s challenge and submit it before I get finished, well, I dare you to do it!

Argh smut

Apr. 5th, 2014 06:46 pm
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I'm really sorry to anyone who came on February 14's post uncut and was surprised by it. I normally put the real smut behind a cut tag on this site, I guess I was enough out of it that I forgot, and then I was away from the internet a couple of days. I fixed it in a few days, but much later (like over a month later) I felt bad enough to come back and add an apology--that probably no one would read on that post, so I'll mention it here, too.

I'm seriously considering changing how I deal with smutty stuff I render.
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"Childhood memories" challenge on ComixWarriors.

Ellery Petrezza and her family
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This was done for a Comix Warriors challenge.
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These started as a Comix Warriors entry, given the prompt "Gifts."

I sculpted Paladin some time back to be a friend of Walker’s. For some reason, I was naming characters odd words at that point. While writing the second of these strips, I decided he could be a cousin of LaFaonne’s. Paladin Rockford? Could be. That’s two cousins I’ve given LaFaonne so far.
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The latest Comix Warriors challenge is to promote oneself.

I wish I felt like I have anything to promote. I only have one work on Society 6--and that's almost a year old! My deviantART prints are crap.

I think I have just managed to post to every week of Comix Warriors so far, and post nothing in weeks when there was no challenge; so I take from that that I can just barely keep a weekly deadline. Yays for me.

And my most recent personal work outside that community has been smut. Which I always feel frustrated and embarrassed by; it seems to go over like a lead balloon.
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I've only been getting online intermittently, and I neglected to copy the last couple comics either onto DeviantArt or onto Dreamwidth. It's far worse for my DrunkDuck TheDuck account, which I have abandoned.

Anyway, here are the last two Comix Warriors challenges, since that seems to be all I get published most weeks:


"Five Days at Memorial: D. Robichaux's testimony" (Adapting a page from a random book; posted February 19 on Tumblr)

I literally grabbed without looking a random book that I had never read off a shelf, opened it up, and adapted the first page I opened to.

Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital by Sheri Fink; pg. 246.

The characters are real people, but I didn’t have pictures of any of them but Dr Pou, and I didn’t have a lot of time; so I just cast them with “actors” like a Hollywood production. All I knew about Diane Robichaux was that she was visibly pregnant at the time. Dr Pou is pretty close to the real Dr. Pou, I think. The prosecutor in the first panel is based on a description in the book, but probably isn’t that close.

Liberties were taken. :)

This challenge was a departure not just from what I’ve been doing lately, but from what I do in the comic in general. It seemed like it was going to be quite hard, but now I’m glad I did it.


"Secrets (You can tell me, you can tell me)" (posted on Tumblr February 26)

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Well, I lost a couple of days there.

I'm planning to do a challenge for Comix Warriors over the next 24 hours, so Sexy Renders Interval is over for now.
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[belated edit] Wow, I'm really sorry to anyone who came on this uncut and was surprised by it. I normally put the real smut behind a cut tag on this site, I guess I was enough out of it that I forgot, and then I was away from the internet a couple of days. I fixed it in a few days, but much later (like over a month later) I felt bad enough to come back and add an apology--that probably no one is reading. [/edit]

Cut for sex )

Welcome to anyone just now catching up on this year’s Valentine’s Day Sex Drive. This is my post for February 15th. Sexy Renders Week Interval continues.
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cut for nudity )

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive!

Different participants do it differently. Since my blog is hardly nudity-free in general, today’s post, a rather mild little image of lovebirds Jon and Marisol, seems like cheaping out on you webcomics fans.

I would have liked to do a week of sexy comics leading up to VDSD. But I let time get away from me, so instead of VDSD capping a Sexy Renders Week, today is the beginning of a … Sexy Renders Interval, let’s say. I have some more stuff outlined that needs posed and rendered.

Complete list of VDSD participants

Tumblr version of this post
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The Complete List of Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2014 Participants

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Another Comix Warriors submission, for the theme "Style."

There’s a sort of (ironically reversed) meta quality to this strip. I go through this process of trying to dress my characters when I set up a scene. Last week, I guess the cardigan didn’t occur to me; and I wasn’t happy at that time with the vest (waistcoat); and rather than hunting down a good jacket, I just left Jade in this blouse without a jacket, jewelry, or anything.

So I did a strip about trying on different things and not liking them, and so I altered the vest/waistcoat and cardigan enough to be presentable.

And now I wish I’d taken the time to do that for last week’s strip, because they turned out to look better than the blouse by itself. e_e
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Jade is not pleased at being told she's running in the "wrong" district.

For a Comix Warriors challenge to do a comic strip around the word "tribal."
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This was for an “hourly comic” challenge.
Making an hourly comic is funny to me. It seems like so much of what I do (including the comic) takes multiple hours.

Looking back at the instructions, I think I did this wrong. I took notes Saturday, and then did the comic Tuesday.
Argh. Well, it’s been a vile, stressful week. I thought I was doing the challenge, anyway.

And honestly, a comic about Tuesday would have looked kind of like this, except with a sick cat in the tub somewhere.


Jan. 8th, 2014 11:42 pm
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I added a Flatter button to my tumblr, but I can't get it on this site.

I need a better webpage, clearly.
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Happy New Year!

OK, deep breath–featuring two crows, Ellery, Malcolm, Zipporah, Sandrine, Arlo, Jessi, Misha, Steff, Sylvio, Sandrine again, Ellery again, Domingo (haven’t seen him in a while), Jeannette, and LaFaonne.

It’s funny. As long as I’ve been doing this I don’t think I’ve ever published a strip that mentions that Jeannette and LaFaonne have been best friends at least since high school. I knew this even before I designed Elaine.

I need to get more work done, huh?
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I have come to feel like my characters' stories are progressing offscreen, even if I'm not telling them in the comic.

I had a challenge to write a comic about second chances, and I realized that I'd already broken up Sandrine and Sylvio in my head, so I'm writing about them getting back together. Which will be out of order with future strips set last July.

It's funny that this only occurred to me working on this strip. I know that Italians usually spell that name “Silvio,” and Sylvio is Italian-American. But I've had his name as “Sylvio” in my notes, so I kept that for consistency, even though it now suddenly looks “wrong.” He just spells it with a y, OK? Like Sylvio Giardina.

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