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I started to reset Candy’s hair to its old style, as it’s been a while since Christmas. But it’s a new year, so I changed it up a bit.
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The ‘Spartan’ body for Michael 4, with a ‘second skin’ clothing texture.

(I guess I'm back after a weekend of just not doing any art.)
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Some shots of Ronnie's car.
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This is all you get today.
I'm still not firm about how the hallway on the other side is going to be laid out.
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A couple of days ago, I sort of decided to drop the daily renders, or at least take a break from them. But now it feels strange not to post something, so I’m back anyway. I guess I could try taking a break the rest of this week.

A subtle thing that actually appeared in that render two days ago: I had just learned a way to make custom material zones on a figure. This is a simple application of that, where I gave the hairbands on this hair prop each a different surface. (They are all one material zone in the commercial .cr2 file.) Knowing how to do this opens up a lot of options I didn’t have before.
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Two versions of another shot of the “snake-girl in mirror” scene.

Looks like I rendered this one December 6, put together these edits December 9, and never posted either of them.
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I started the daily renders with “Enough!” and I think that’s a good word to end them with. I’m not doing much good work, and I’m getting very little attention.
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Yes, this is posted a bit late in the day. I probably should have something rendering while I’m obsessively reading TVTropes!

(17:42 - And now I’ve gone through and reshot it, an hour later, with a few minor tweaks….)
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When I started on this strip, this morning, I thought I could put it together pretty fast. I was so wrong.
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I read a lot about calendars today.
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Look, there’s a doorway on the other side of Sandrine’s living room now.

I still don’t really know much about how this house is laid out.
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Nathan was my first attempt at designing a character with dwarfism, and I left his torso at “full size.” He ended up a little taller than some of the short but “normal” characters in the strip.

He’s technically too tall to be a “dwarf”!
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Some men think bigger is always better. Nathan has learned that isn’t true. But that doesn’t mean anyone has to be impressed by him, either.

Nathan appeared before as a “villain.” Due to a medical condition, his long bones are much shorter than normal, but he’s actually rather tall sitting down.
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Sorry for the lack of comic strip this week.

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