Nov. 26th, 2014 12:37 pm
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Sweet tea, sun tea, milk tea. Tea.

Arlo, of course, is the man who is no longer allowed to cut my hair.

Since I was already running late, I tried a new trick for quick diffuse lighting. It's not naturalistic, but it'll do in a pinch.
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Evil must be called out. It must be recognized as evil if it is to be stopped.

Jim Crow attitudes, and decisions derived from them, must be called out.

White nationalism must be called out.

I heard President Obama’s little speech after the grand jury decision. He talked about being a nation of laws. Don’t pretend, sir, that this decision was the rule of law. This was a Jim Crow kind of decision, and it should be called out as such.

And instead of playing to white racists and then patronizing to blacks, how about the President tries to enforce the law? No, looting won’t fix anything. Letting a bad cop walk without so much as a manslaughter indictment won’t fix anything either.

Without credibility in the eyes of the populace, the justice system is going to find the enforcement of law very difficult. And this was not really credible.

It’s not a grand jury’s job to decide a case and acquit or convict; that’s to be done in open court. Has the Washington culture of secret courts and assassinations made the president forget that? This was an attempt to avoid having a proper trial for a police officer, and use secret grand jury proceedings instead.

It seems to me that this is not about law, but politics. Apparently there’s one faction that want police officers (and presumably other agents of the state, like soldiers, spies, and these days so very many mercenaries) to be excused for misuse of lethal force. There’s another faction that want to protect civil rights and hold public servants to a higher standard. And the tiebreaker in this case are the racists, who want it to be legal to kill black men.

That doesn’t have to mean that 50% of the populace either believe in general police brutality or excuse murdering ethnic minorities. These probably aren’t the ratios of those attitudes in the general populace, but in those allowed to make decisions in the name of the “rule of law”: Public servants and the ruling class.

That seems to mean there are still old-fashioned Jim Crow racists in the USA’s local governments, and they can at least make an ad hoc majority with the Judge Dredd fascists long enough to make sure no police officer is punished for killing a mere “colored boy.”

This is very bad.
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A late update today, just showing something I worked on today. I was adding morphs to these sandals for a bulkier woman, and had the idea to put additional morphs into the toe-straps to allow the character to lift her toes and stretch them.

I wish I’d saved the D-forms. I might have been able to redo this so the sandals would follow her toes automatically.
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I guess this can count as Thursday’s daily render, unless I do another one and make this a bonus render.

This is probably it for today, though.
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[Edit, November 20: I redid the letters to be a little clearer. The old version is still on my personal tumblr or here.]

I was over four hours too late for Comix Warriors Week 58.

I had a script idea days ago that I didn't like very much, so I kept putting off working on this strip. Today I decided to do something different; I was thinking about something a friend said about Net Neutrality, and it seemed like a good subject for an Elaine Spratt theory. Sorry for the arcane subject matter, but I hope some people find it interesting.

(Opinions expressed by the characters are not necessarily those of the author. OK, I sort of agree with Elaine here, this time.)

(from http://raspberryraincomic.tumblr.com/post/103029343716/gop-business-plan-elaines-theory )
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The other day, I left a really nitpicky critique on someone else’s work on dA because it bugged me. (And I downplayed what actually bothered me and pretended it was technical, when really I didn’t like the subject. But the technical stuff did bother me too.)

So today I was worrying a lot about little wrong geometries and bad physics in this shot. It’s mostly OK, I hope. Posting a little late because I tried rendering it with raytracing, which takes a long time with LaFaonne’s hair. And then I ended up not using that in the end anyway—this is with deep shadow maps—because the shadow strengths seemed not to fit the lights. Weird.

(And because I decided to work on this scene idea, I am no closer to getting a comic strip for Comix Warriors done.)
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I may be developing Butts Disease. Send help.

Seriously, though, I hope to have an actual comic in the next few days, with dialogue and everything.
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Edit, November 15: There were a couple of things that seemed off to me, but I didn't feel like fixing that morning. Revised version in comments.
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Inspired by an actual online conversation in the last week. One person was actually saying they favored webcomics with their own sites over ones on sites like Keenspot.

Oh, well.


Nov. 10th, 2014 09:56 am
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Hey, look, it's LaFaonne's old hairstyle.
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I’m afraid I’m going to end the daily renders soon. I’ll do a few more, but I may be unable to get online as consistently over the next few months.

I thought about having “filler” renders prepared earlier and queued. I guess I could go to a buffer and queue system.
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I was starting to dress Sylvio in winter clothes, and then decided to just do this.

Sylvio broke out some winter clothes, and then decided to do this “dramatic” pose.
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Her name is Fraise. Obviously she's not eating strawberries.

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