Oct. 26th, 2016 10:23 am
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Apparently I’ve been only mostly dead.
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Lately it seems like when I actually am working on art, it’s not something I’m happy enough with to publish. I’m not sure what I have even rendered the last two days.

This is from a few days ago. I had suits on the brain, and did some materials work on a suit for Ellery.
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When did I render this? Yesterday? It feels longer ago.
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I did some revisions on the tall woman from the background of the shot I posted five days ago. Not that this shot has any scale references, but I did rescale her. I think I’ll keep her about 10 cm shorter than I had her in that shot. So I guess she’s “Grace” now instead of “Big Grace.” She’s still rather tall, though.
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I haven’t been using the more up-to-date versions of DAZ Studio. They changed the interface, and I don’t like it. But I noticed today, while looking for something else, that DS 4.8 included free support for the Optitex dynamic clothes. So I experimented with that a little. One item of clothing in this scene is dynamic—and it’s disappointing, actually. I still had to go in and fix the image with magnets. And the dynamic cloth is touchy. When I moved an arm trying to fix another problem, it reset, so I draped it again, and then the magnet I had to fix pokethrough didn’t work with the new drape….

So, that was a thing I tried. I think I’ll mostly stick with my ‘archaic’ program version and my magnets.
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I’m back!

I didn’t know what to call this one. It’s really just showing something I was working on yesterday, but if I did it right, it’s not obvious how much work I put into it.

Is it weird to tuck a cardigan into jeans? At least I think that was a cardigan once. I added a morph to do that after adding morphs to go over the jeans. I guess I did a better job on this one, because it was the one to get rendered.

There’s a bit of randomness to this. The very tall woman in the background was going to be part of the scene, but then was moved to the background to disguise how stupidly tall she is in case I change that later. At least she is no longer wearing high heels on what appears to be grass.

Ellery is maybe dressed more for, “late summer, after swimming,” than for autumn, but I’m posting this in October, so that’s the title. There are reasons she could be wearing a bikini under her clothes, and this shot is probably really set in September.
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Edit, 10:25 am: I redid this image, and fixed a few problems:

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Same angle as the post several hours ago, just more of it and scaled down.
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When I shot the previous version of this scene, I completely misinterpreted what was causing the shadow on Linds’s right breast, and wasted a lot of time “correcting” it in Photoshop. I now feel stupid.
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I have avatars & icons for various sites that are a few years old now, and from early, early renders. I want to make new ones. The shots in this composite are some I made with that in mind.

The pose is actually from back in late 2015. Today I relit it, and tweaked a magnet.
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What? This isn’t 3D art!
Well, no, it’s not. But it’s today’s filler anyway.

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