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Feb. 13th, 2019 11:25 pm
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Not a dog, though. )

If I only publish one render this month, I figure it may as well be something like this.

I’m not planning to do anything for Valentine’s Day Sex Drive, because I don’t have a comic now. I thought about entering a contest on Renderotica, but I don’t have any plans to do that either.
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Another new character, the skinny troublemaker.
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Fuu & a new character

Sometimes I have a hard time naming a piece at all. But this time the problem naming this thing was partly that I thought of too many possibilities:
Partners in crime
Gap-toothed master race
Those two maniacs
“Where the black men at?”
“Yes!” “Haha, No!"

Speaking of indecision, I’m a little iffy on the redhead’s hairstyle so far. And her name. So far I’ve been switching between “Carrot” & “Zana” (as in “zanahoria”). But I guess I could drop that & just call her Michelle or something.

And yeah, this whole render was about doing variations on the same clothing figures on different characters.

Edit: I’ve decided to keep calling her Carrot. That was the plan, go back to it. I’ll cope with my brain trying to turn it into “Carol.”
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underwear )

I’m not completely happy with the reflections, but I also haven’t posted in days. This was inspired by a recent Stefania Ferrario photo, although it’s really not the same setup.
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in a state of undress )

I guess this shot will work.

// 13 hours later, updating the image file because of two small errors: Yeah, it mostly works?
raspberryrain: "Waiting for the train" cropped and colour-shifted (waiting)
animation )

I was experimenting with specular colour earlier. So for today’s post have this silly animation built from a few of the less ridiculous test renders.
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I think this is the first time I've hosted an image other than an icon on Dreamwidth. This would probably be fine on dA, but it's the kind of thing that can in theory get me in trouble there. And as of now, it's been 25 minutes and it's not through prude-Tumblr's appeal process. (And may not get through.)

not so very safe for work; Stockard & Malory in a shot that might not clear some sites' censors )


edit, 10:27 pm:
I finally got some sleep. Wow, there were multiple, maybe four, different reasons that outtake was an outtake and not published in the first place. I fixed only one of them. It’s a mess. I‘m leaving it on Dreamwidth anyway, for now.

But I was “bad decision artist” a day ago and earlier today; I see that now. The less sleep I get, the less I see.
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(I’m listening to Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” & I needed a title. Yeah, that’ll work.)
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Crossposted to Tumblr, as usual. Tumblr didn’t immediately flag this, which is interesting. The part of me that was trying to jerk them around is a little disappointed.
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The image file on my hard drive is called “Fuu struts,” but the way she’s walking is not exactly a strut. I’m pretty happy with the adaptation of that jacket to that dress.

Anyway, I just built a new character, and here she is.

Mm-hmm. . .

Jan. 3rd, 2019 11:06 am
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Image made for a response on Twitter & dA.

I stopped the render and tweaked it a few times. I got unhappy with the fill lights, and tweaked them a bit even if it took longer. Does that mean I’m back? It feels like it.
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Re-using the disc style from last year. I thought about another shape, but I already had this template, so...
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This mostly wasn’t a good year for my art. Like last year, I did an extra retrospective wheel just for renders of my cartoon self. I was surprised to find one month with nothing new in that category.
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(2019 January 1: I'm copying this over from DeviantART, and backdating it five days to match when I posted it there.)

2018 december 27

This is where I'm getting ticked off at new Tumblr—prude Tumblr?—unTumblr.

Heavy cream, strawberry light was an image I rendered in March of 2017. I posted it on Tumblr and on dA. It has nipples, but it is not a photograph. It is not sexual content. It does not seem particularly in violation of the sudden new rules. It is not something I expect to be be flagged, given other things that have passed. But it, on appeal, was arbitrarily declared "adult," and that is that. Since the appeals are allegedly judged by humans, that means it was a snap judgement call. I can't count on something passing if it's too close to the line, even if some things do.

I had an idea to censor it, to see how it would go. I have replaced the original on my tumblr with the censored version you see here. So far, Tumblr's system seems fine with that. But in the process, I found two more posts flagged, that I had already checked and thought were OK. They were restored on appeal—this time. How do I know that posts I thought were OK will be OK tomorrow?

Tumblr is over.

And yeah, this being OK and the original being blocked is really offensive to me.

Cut because still not really safe for work )

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Tumblr’s going to force me to be artsy, I can be artsy.

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