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2017-03-30 11:20 pm
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Return of the pointing fool

A tiny bit of animation.
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2017-03-29 12:16 pm
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Pink out for Planned Parenthood

I stand with Planned Parenthood

Oh, is that today? I just happened to have this pink suit lying around.
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2017-03-27 10:02 pm
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Kal had joined Zatanna in the JLA kitchen

“Brown sugar?”
“Castor sugar.”
“Texture matters.”
“Texture? You’re adding walnuts!”
“This isn’t your Grammy’s farm back in Ohio, this is civilization!”
Kal rolled his eyes. “Should I grind up the walnuts, too? For civilization?”
Zatanna opened the bag of walnuts and appraised them. “Yes, actually, you could crush these.”
Kal took a handful of walnuts and crushed them down to something like sand in his palm.
“Don’t crush them in your grubby hands, use the rolling pin!”
“My hands are clean!”
“A likely story!”
“Do you want me to leave?”
Rather than answer him, Zatanna spoke to the electric mixer, “Xim rof thgie setunim,” and set the oven to preheat.
“You know, I could bake the cookies with my heat vision.”
“It’s a way to practice fine control–”
“All right, fair enough.”
“Gnillor nip, hsurc stunlaw! Namrepus, og rehtob Rednow Namow!”

Following prompt here::
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2017-03-26 11:59 pm
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Summer time?!

Greece is on “Summer Time” as of Sunday. So putting Evdokía in a bikini sounds appropriate, no?

No. It is gloomy, rainy, and cool.
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2017-03-24 11:07 pm
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An intimation of wind

Mamie here started as me fiddling with default Vicki 4. She still is pretty close, I guess. Not as leggy, though.
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2017-03-23 10:38 pm
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Shrugging skinny shoulders

I look at this and wonder, not for the first time, if I should add some bulk to the arms of my cartoon avatar.

This is, like most of what I post anymore, a super lazy daily shot. This is the same outfit & almost the same pose as I had for my Thanksgiving comic over a year ago. I actually was starting to post it and realised I still had the “autumny” makeup on. …I decided at least to change that.
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2017-03-22 10:53 pm
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Still crabby (alternates / double exposure)

I was a little disappointed with this and didn't post it several days ago. But I'm posting it today because I haven't been getting much work done and thought this was probably better than what I did render today.
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2017-03-21 10:48 am
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Gloomily empty street (44mm lens)

Today I opened a scene file I saved in 2013 and took some new shots. I think this is one of Stonemason’s urban sets.
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2017-03-19 09:00 am
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Heavy cream, strawberry light

nude )

This was a happy accident. One of the lights didn’t go where I meant to put it, but it worked out well like this.
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2017-03-17 01:07 am
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Still crabby

I was going to make these a double exposure but I didn’t like it very much.
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2017-03-14 11:07 pm
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2017-03-13 11:52 pm
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Four-colour lighting: We’ve seen this before!

Sorry, getting another late render in just to have something posted today. We have indeed seen Dario’s mama before, once. I don’t remember her name, if I ever knew it.
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2017-03-12 10:56 pm
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Four-colour lighting: Alejandrina la clown

I turned all the lights up higher for this one.
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2017-03-11 10:35 pm
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Frexysaise 1b.4

reshot of scene from february 26-27:
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