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I'm actually a little proud of that hand pose.

I do like my visual design on Lupe. I only have a little sense of her personality, and I don't expect to do much with her in a comic. I have a lot of characters already. But...maybe I will use her more.

Rude Lupe

May. 26th, 2016 05:36 pm
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I meant to do something with these two for Thursday, but I didn't have a script in mind and I put it off. Then, once I was basically out of time, because I had been reading about these shootings—it hit me.
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This was meant to be the actual main Bunny Day image. I was going to have it below the strip with the band singing "Broken Wings.'

I had most of the outfits put together before Easter, and then decided to get the band's scene done first. I thought I might be two days late with this, but then I created a new character to be one of Katie's friends, and then I wondered if I should even bother, and I stopped working on it.

And now it's a week late. This is close enough to what I wanted, I'm just posting it like this. I guess I can go back and stick a few more characters in later.

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