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Or maybe a hole in the roof? Actually, I can accept that the ceiling is that high, but what door could let the Tumbloni in? Maybe it's in a courtyard. That might work.

Anyway, here's a sort of scale comparison of three different versions—the three different major versions, I think—of my author avatar. Except that the Tumbloni didn't fit.
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I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not sleeping enough, so I’m not sure; but if I were awake, I might think this was really silly and weird.

There’s a lot of breast flesh here, but I’m loath to put a ‘nsfw’ tag on it for . . . . Well, maybe I should.

No, I don’t care.
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Ugh! Today’s render is not happening. I give up. Pulling out my filler render, a second angle from December 29.

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A surreal version of Fraise
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Happy Hallowe'en!

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I broke my naturalism rule. Having too much fun with this.

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