Apr. 11th, 2017

raspberryrain: (funky)
I haven’t been keeping up the daily renders. I wonder if I should go back to just posting a comic every week. I know I can in theory. But somehow it’s hard to switch back to that.

I have developed a habit of coming up with a “quick, last-minute” render and then abandoning artwork once I post that online. So I want to break that habit. This morning I rendered three completely different scenes before posting any of them.

This is the one I think I spent the least time on today. It’s an old unused scene of my interpretation of Wonder Woman. Technically, I did alter it a little bit today, making her legs a wee bit shorter and her arms a wee bit longer. Oh, and I added lights and picked a new camera angle. But the pose & outfit already existed, so it was rather quick.

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