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Trying this outfit without the hat and with some apt nail polish.
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Greece is on “Summer Time” as of Sunday. So putting Evdokía in a bikini sounds appropriate, no?

No. It is gloomy, rainy, and cool.
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The other ‘filler’ image of Evdokía I shot a few days ago.
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I admit I dropped that thread. I recall having some doubts about visuals at the time.

I opened a file of Evdokía today & remembered it. The upshot was probably going to be that my pro-drachma, anti-ECB stance was well in the minority, and Evdokía was going to tell me I was wrong? I wonder if I still have those notes.

Anyway, congratulations to London on their recent election!
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Somehow this felt like it made sense as something bigger than the 220x300 panel in yesterday’s strip.
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I hope Λαϊκή Ενότητα (Popular Unity) does well today. Evdokía doesn’t agree with me. :/

Edit, september 21: Reshot last panel due to pokethrough.
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Hey, look, it’s the comic I’ve been putting off for a few days!

OK, I was trying to come up with a better description of Varoufakis's head than "Bullet-head," and finally gave up.
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I wrote this (well, a draft pretty close to this) before I’d heard what the results of the referendum were; not to follow the crowd but to state my opinion. I’m relieved that the Οχί (or “No”) side won, but this strip would probably have been stronger if it had gone up a day or more ago.

There’s a minor discontinuity here, I think. Cartoon Nia, like most of the cast, has been implied to live somewhere in America (probably). But for the purposes of this strip, my cartoon avatar appears to be in Greece. Well, I wanted to say something about yesterday’s referendum. You can consider this one out of continuity, I think.

Faces of Ev

Jul. 3rd, 2015 04:56 pm
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No story, just playing around with facial expressions.
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One thing that probably keeps me out of the 3D art mainstream is my weird attitude toward backgrounds.

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