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Cut for exposed breasts. )

This is an odd strip, but this thing was bothering me. TV Tropes has an analysis page on the trope “Boobs of Steel,” where a strong woman (especially in comics and animation) is also drawn with large breasts. But I’ve noticed that some people don’t seem to understand the difference in real life.
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I thought Elena was a good, common, pretty name that I’d somehow never used for one of my characters. Oh, yeah, that’s why. Well, the names are different in rhythm and syllable length, so it didn’t occur to me until later.

Elena Nicodemo, Elaine Spratt, & the artist
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I actually posed and rendered this scene early today, and decided not to publish it. It started as just one of those scenes I put together for myself, comparing different character designs side by side. I didn't think it was worth publishing.

That said, while I was working on it, I went looking at 3D-Age's Renderosity store, thinking about getting some more virtual clothes. 3D-Age is having a 60% off sale? Prae has some big markdowns, too!?

Anyhow, the clothes in this happen all to be 3D-Age. That's why I'm posting it. So if you use Victoria 4 or a figure that can adapt Vicki 4 clothes, this may be a good day to take a look.

There are a few hours left. Too bad I am basically broke. Oh, well, I already have a lot of the useful 3D-Age stuff, anyway.


Feb. 10th, 2017 11:25 pm
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I went ahead and joined this year's VDSD anyway. February 10th is the last day to sign up. Deadlines are good, right?

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I did sort of name him after Brian Eno, but really I just had to call him something. Apparently, given a wiremesh sphere, I can pretty quickly manage to sculpt a passable human head, even in a program I just got, with controls unlike what I’ve used before. That’s…not really that surprising, somehow.

I still don’t know how to export textures from Sculptris into DAZ Studio (I really have had it less than a day, and I haven’t read all the documentation), so I just did new materials in DS for Brian. I think they look all right.
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I actually painted Steve in Sculptris, making him look even sillier, but I exported him without his texture and lost it. I literally just installed the program today.

For half a decade I have been using other artists’ OBJ files in DAZ Studio. It's high time I expanded my tool set. And Sculptris is freeware from the people who make ZBrush, and seems like it may help.


Aug. 6th, 2016 11:46 pm
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Although the two strips Staci Roberts Petrezza has appeared in are set maybe 15 years apart, the only real physical difference in her design so far is her hair. For the younger version I stuck her face behind sunglasses. When I dug the scene file out again two years later, I just changed her hair to what I'd already planned as her "older" hairstyle.

I probably could have added some lines to her face, though.
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I may be writing again, but it's not going to be coming out fast. Unless tomorrow I suddenly decide comics are a waste of time and write it as prose.
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Sadly, it has no stock, because I still have never put props in the set to represent stock.
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I started this the 15th! I just didn't work on it often enough.

Of course Ellery and lamia-Ellery don't have matching eye textures. Neither have they matching skin textures, nor hair textures.
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I admit I dropped that thread. I recall having some doubts about visuals at the time.

I opened a file of Evdokía today & remembered it. The upshot was probably going to be that my pro-drachma, anti-ECB stance was well in the minority, and Evdokía was going to tell me I was wrong? I wonder if I still have those notes.

Anyway, congratulations to London on their recent election!
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I like to have some consistency in character design. I like this hair prop, but it was really bothering me that it made my hair suddenly look much, much thicker than some of the others. And then I made peace with it. In real life, my hair isn't all that thin anyway. So, suddenly, cartoon Nia has thick hair for a while.
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Well, that's entirely too much text. Here's a transcript:
About now, Raspberry is waking up, after finally getting a full night’s sleep, and regretting handing the comic strip over to me. And because she’s a big ol’ nerd, she’s going to regret not being able to use the comics to talk about politics during a very contentious US Presidential primary season.

Well, it’s a good day to talk politics, anyway. I can do that!

1) Hillary Clinton winning the Iowa caucus was not ‘historic’ nor even new. She won most of the primaries in 2008.
2) Clinton voters then were pretty much either white people, or anti-black racists. Minorities voted for Obama. Why does anyone think black voters love Hillary?
3) When Ta-Nehisi Coates criticized Sanders for not supporting reparations, Coates was not endorsing Hillary. He scolded Sanders for being too similar to Hillary, because neither support Coates’s call for reparations. Coates had hoped Sanders would listen to his ideas, and then his ego was wounded when Sanders didn’t return his calls. So Coates wrote a ‘White people suck’ article naming Sanders. But it’s not pro-Hillary.
4) Hillary took donations from private prison companies as late as last September. She stopped, finally, because folks noticed.

Media companies dominated by white conservatives keep saying that black Americans are reliable Clinton supporters? No, Bill & Hillary are just ‘the devil we know.’ They’re still white, ‘tough on crime,’ mostly conservative Democrats.

The real story about black voters is this: We know the Clintons are shit, because they’ve been shit to us.

I think if Bernie Sanders were a Christian, he’d be running way ahead of Hillary already.


Same disclaimer as with Elaine's conspiracy theories: Opinions expressed by the characters do not necessarily correspond to those of the author, let alone to reality. That said, I did enough research on this one I think it's pretty close to reality.
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New month, and in the interest of getting the strip back on track, I’m letting Mayomi be the voice of the strip for a while. She’ll do things a little differently, I think.

And, oops, it’s already the 2nd. Off to an auspicious start! e_e

This is about as close as I have ever come to actually using word balloons in my comics. >_<

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