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This isn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be.
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one more )

I know what shadow bias is now, and I’m going to use it!

Creedy x3

Apr. 20th, 2017 12:21 am
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Cut for nudity )

Some different looks for Creedence. I think of the natural as her default look, but if her hair is now in dreadlocks, it may be stuck that way for a while!
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Is this a reasonable early spring fashion, or just silly? I don’t even know. I do daily renders to make myself do work, not because the average quality of the work is any better.

Dressing Creedence today, I was restricting myself to clothing figures by a single artist (3D-Age); and, perhaps as importantly, figures I already had loaded into my runtime; or this might have been very different. Once I decided to put other figures over the bodysuit, it went…this way.

I hope it’s at least cute.
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Another angle of August 16th’s scene. This would be better with background figures, ideally! But after blowing off doing any artwork Wednesday morning, I thought of this as something where I didn’t have to be creative, and that I hoped I could render somewhat quickly. As it is, it turned out OK, but I was posting it at midnight.

There are some weird shadow glitches on those chairs in the background.
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You know, maybe I should take weekends off. It’s good to have downtime. Granted, my problem lately is that I do renders at the last minute, but I could just not bother trying to post something every day and have something better when I do post. It’s good to have non-deadline days.

On the other hand, I still have angles of this scene I haven’t shot. I can keep digging into it and tweaking it. That’s something, right?

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I may have re-imagined the background a bit, but this scene is more or less what I was trying to do on July 31, before I decided I had too many details to fix and I had to stop and just post a close shot.

Yesterday I went back, posed the arms properly & added some magnets to clothes in a few places. That set me up for a pretty good shot from another angle, posted yesterday.

Today I finally rendered an angle showing Teresa’s right hand. I like the shadows on this one. Also, today’s 2D background mashes up elements of the backgrounds I made for the previous two images of this scene.
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Early today I intended to finish the month of July with a comic strip. I have had some ideas for strips this month, just not a lot of will to actually work on them. In the end, today also ended up with no strip. So instead you get Creedence in her swim cap & Teresa in cornrows.
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This was meant to be a quick thing, and it kept evolving. Ah, well, I think it's time to say I am done with it.
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I took two more camera angles from yesterday's scene and mashed them together.

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I was looking at the heights of some of my character designs today. Even I didn't realise how short I'd made Creedence! In the shots I've done before, Creedy's been in the foreground by herself, and she looks stretched out because she's so very skinny. She's about 8.5cm shorter than Teresa, which I could not have told you. Well, here we see them right together, finally. Granted, this is a pretty dark shot!

This took a while. I tried several renders I wasn't happy with, and finally created a new camera, switched from landscape to portrait, and redid the lights. I'm pretty happy with this now. Creedence's dress is supposed to be unusually shiny—almost metallic—just so you know. I hope that worked.
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Just a different angle of an old scene for today’s render.
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Sorry, was kind of catching up on sleep today, so for today’s (late!) daily render you just get another angle of this moment.

nsfw )
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I did seven different renders of this today, which differ mainly in lights. The second was done at noon, & I probably should have then called one of the first two good enough and posted it. I did four before I realised the back wall had a big patch of twice-reflected sky I didn’t want, and so added a ceiling to the other room behind the camera. I slept while rendering the fourth and fifth, so that made it take even more than seven hours (several of the renders took most of an hour apiece). This is the sixth version, which has lights in the same positions as the first, but with different relative strengths, and the aforementioned ceiling.

This is the second day in a row where Creedence is definitely looking lower than the viewer’s/other character’s face, although I’m not sure she’s looking at the viewer’s crotch this time.


I don’t know how much I’ll continue with “Totally no pants.” I kind of wanted to do more variation and progression of movement in that scene, but I got a little sick of it after three days.
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Three images, nsfw for nudity )

...grumble mumble...I’m posting late because I spent a long time working on an effect that wasn't cooperative, and it would have been much quicker to do it a different, rougher way. Eventually I gave up.

I could have posted these shots seven hours ago.

Maybe it isn't clear, but two of these shots are from the characters' perspectives, and there's a curl of hair hanging in front of Creedence's right eye. That's what's in front of Teresa's face in the third image.

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