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Forty-nine years ago today, they killed the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Those that conspired to kill him were part of the power establishment, including government officeholders. They killed him to stop his challenge to the ruling class. Dr. King wanted to share the wealth of the nation with the people of that nation who were excluded from power; with the poor, the despised, and the oppressed.

I see people call themselves “conservative,” “conservatives,” “right-wing,” or the like for a lot of different reasons–some good, some bad. Even I’m “conservative” in some sense, on an issue or two. Tradition can be worth defending, sometimes.

But the United States of America has a history of ridiculous, extreme racism on one hand, and extreme, ridiculous “laissez-faire” capitalism on the other hand. In that context, “conservative” has a meaning. “Conservative” has a default, primary meaning. This is what it looks like; this is what it is.

A tradition of racial abuse, or of peonage, or of violence in the service of a ruling elite–that’s not a tradition worth defending or “conserving.”

(No art today.)
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I play coy about my exact ethnic background and location. At some point I decided that my comic was largely set in the USA, because it’s a place I lived for years, and I could write that idiom.

But by and large, cartoon Nia has had two “homes”: one is an imaginary part of North America that owes something to Florida but is sometimes colder; and the other is, well, somewhere in Greece.

And both of my homelands have reasons to tell you to stop Hillary Clinton and her Wall Street Democrats.

Greece is overrun by refugees from civil wars, mainly the one in Syria, that American foreign policy intentionally helped start. And when Qaddafi fell in Libya and “Islamic State” started terrorizing the country, it was US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s policy to make that happen. When Syria had a famine, Hillary Clinton’s State Department saw it as an opportunity to “degrade” the government’s support among the populace by civil war. Many people in the Middle East think that the chemical attacks on the populace that are blamed on Assad’s government were really performed by American agents; I don’t know if that’s true. In any case, the global refugee crisis is worse because of her decisions.

The USA–Florida especially–has had great numbers of people lose their homes due to policies undertaken by the Wall Street faction in US politics. They “securitized” adjustable rate mortgages, although “financialized” would be more accurate in that they made the whole sector insecure. You’ve probably heard about this before; they turned the very act of homebuying into a scam where both a homeowner and an investor would lose everything they put in, while the original lender would walk away with all the money. It was the “pro-business” politicians, both Democrat and Republican, who repealed the laws that could have stopped it, when Mr Clinton was President. And afterward, Hillary went to New York to be the Wall Street Senator, and make millions of dollars in “speaking fees,” working for the big financial speculators.

Millions of Floridians, and Californians, and Michiganders, and Americans in general lost their homes when the financial bubble burst. And they lost their jobs, and they can’t even stay on welfare in a long-term economic depression because the Clinton administration in the 1990′s even limited that to a few years.

Millions of Syrians and Libyans had to flee their countries, because Hillary Clinton saw the populace as no more than a means to an end to hurt their rulers. This is directly based on the “Realpolitik” theories of Richard Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a notorious mass murderer who is still protected by the Washington political establishment, and apparently a friend & mentor to Hillary.

Hillary Clinton was in political organizations that pushed those situations over the edge, and in the case of the civil wars, she was a policy setter herself. She is corrupt, she is dangerous, and she has already ruined nations.

If you are an American, please vote for Bernie Sanders in the upcoming primary. He’s more of a “populist” Democrat who will try to help lower-income people. And he seems to be a little bit smarter on foreign policy–at least he isn’t talking about how well he gets along with Henry Kissinger!

If Hillary wins the primary, it will probably become a choice between her and Donald Trump, who is new to politics, in way over his head, playing at being an American Hitler in a desperate bid for support, & probably even worse than Hillary in several other ways. The primary is the best place to stop her.

Don’t reward this evil woman with even more power.

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