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I was so late for Jenny Everywhere Day this year. It took a while for me to come up with a scene.


“The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.”
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I haven’t been keeping up the daily renders. I wonder if I should go back to just posting a comic every week. I know I can in theory. But somehow it’s hard to switch back to that.

I have developed a habit of coming up with a “quick, last-minute” render and then abandoning artwork once I post that online. So I want to break that habit. This morning I rendered three completely different scenes before posting any of them.

This is the one I think I spent the least time on today. It’s an old unused scene of my interpretation of Wonder Woman. Technically, I did alter it a little bit today, making her legs a wee bit shorter and her arms a wee bit longer. Oh, and I added lights and picked a new camera angle. But the pose & outfit already existed, so it was rather quick.
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Sorry, no comic strip this Wednesday after all.
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Nia!lamia from yesterday's scene. I'm not thrilled with the hand positions, and I didn't even think of flexing the biceps until a few minutes ago. Oh, well.
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The daily renders may turn into the "if I get around to it" renders. But I have this, rendered a week ago, so I'll post it.

I was looking at the teeth deformation on my Tumbloni (Tumblr tag search, not necessarily safe for work). I got those wacky cuspids from some old image of an ogre, but they don't make a lot of sense. How can I close my jaw with those? If I use this oni design again, I think I may change them.
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This is the room from my snake-girl shots of December 2014. I rebuilt the room exactly, which is probably silly given that it's really just a doorless, windowless box with a funny-coloured mirror on one wall.
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I worked on the materials for that clock today, because I wasn't happy with how it looked in 3Delight. I think it's better, but not ideal yet. (Clock from Northern Terrace Kitchen Utensils by David Brinnen & ForbiddenWhispers)
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Oops, didn't do this in time to be Tuesday's render. First glimpse of lamia-version Ellery with the "long taper" tail. I tried to get it roughly proportionate to Nia's.
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This is basically the scene from the last panel of Saturday's strip from two different angles. This scene was good enough for shooting them from the elbows up, but at full length there are a few things I'm not entirely happy with. Lady Azal should be carrying something, and she probably should at least have some sandals.

Anyway, it's late & I'm going to post this version for today.

DAZ Studio & Photoshop
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This is late. I'm sorry.

For anyone who stumbles on this by accident: No, most of the comic isn't like this. Most of the time Ellery isn't like this; usually her hair is even shorter and she's in modern clothes. Most of the comic avoids high fantasy tropes; this is 'fantasy Ellery.' Most of the time (so far) there isn't even a comic.

For that rare person who actually recognizes these characters from other art posts, sorry, I zonked out today & got this done late. It's rushed enough that I didn't give Ellery her giant sword, and I didn't render Lady Azal's piebald unicorn. Maybe they'll have them in another scene.
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I told myself I would make a comic today. Then I did something else. This is all you get: another angle on the most clothed shot from 21 March.

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As I was uploading this, I realised it needed a name. Well, Ellery does abbreviate her name as LRE sometimes….XD
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Ugh! Today’s render is not happening. I give up. Pulling out my filler render, a second angle from December 29.

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I write such nonsense when I'm avoiding writing anything serious!
This is pretty wordy. I wondered about making the text a point smaller.
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