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Once I got through August, I told myself I’d stop trying to do a render every single day. I have so many last-minute tossed-together renders. But isn’t that what this is?

Well, it’s Domingo, and he’s pretty, so I think that’s enough of a justification.
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nsfw )

I was working on something else that kept crashing, so I just pulled out this old scene & stuck a new camera in it. At least this isn’t a woman with giant boobs again.

[looks at Domingo’s chest]
That’s not the same. And at least it isn’t Iris with her big conforming-figure hair again.
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Not feeling very inspired today. Lazy, distracted, and foolish, more like.

Have a render. Shadows came out good on this, I think.


Oct. 14th, 2014 08:31 pm
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We haven’t seen Domingo in a while. Wonder what he’s been up to?

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I've only been getting online intermittently, and I neglected to copy the last couple comics either onto DeviantArt or onto Dreamwidth. It's far worse for my DrunkDuck TheDuck account, which I have abandoned.

Anyway, here are the last two Comix Warriors challenges, since that seems to be all I get published most weeks:


"Five Days at Memorial: D. Robichaux's testimony" (Adapting a page from a random book; posted February 19 on Tumblr)

I literally grabbed without looking a random book that I had never read off a shelf, opened it up, and adapted the first page I opened to.

Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital by Sheri Fink; pg. 246.

The characters are real people, but I didn’t have pictures of any of them but Dr Pou, and I didn’t have a lot of time; so I just cast them with “actors” like a Hollywood production. All I knew about Diane Robichaux was that she was visibly pregnant at the time. Dr Pou is pretty close to the real Dr. Pou, I think. The prosecutor in the first panel is based on a description in the book, but probably isn’t that close.

Liberties were taken. :)

This challenge was a departure not just from what I’ve been doing lately, but from what I do in the comic in general. It seemed like it was going to be quite hard, but now I’m glad I did it.


"Secrets (You can tell me, you can tell me)" (posted on Tumblr February 26)

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Happy New Year!

OK, deep breath–featuring two crows, Ellery, Malcolm, Zipporah, Sandrine, Arlo, Jessi, Misha, Steff, Sylvio, Sandrine again, Ellery again, Domingo (haven’t seen him in a while), Jeannette, and LaFaonne.

It’s funny. As long as I’ve been doing this I don’t think I’ve ever published a strip that mentions that Jeannette and LaFaonne have been best friends at least since high school. I knew this even before I designed Elaine.

I need to get more work done, huh?
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This sort of built up over several days. Since I have eight panels done, I'm posting it.

Lori's pretty rude, but I think she's mostly got the right attitude.
Ellery was going to be in it, but she may get a whole strip of her own on this theme.

Ozzy Obarski (with Jeannette in background), Jade Wilcoxson, Domingo (who came to the States for school), Jessi (first appearance thereof),
Lori (being sassy), Loren Runyon, LaFaonne, and the artist.

Comic #3

May. 17th, 2012 09:28 am
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What would you do if the robots took over?









Whatever they want!

You wouldn't try to stop them?











With what? I'm not an engineer.

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