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I had open a file with Rosalea, and it’s been a while, and I was changing her hairstyle, and at one point, I thought, just how different are she and Teresa, physically? I mean, they’re kind of similar builds, both at least vaguely Afro-Hispanic, and I don’t think I’ve ever had them in the same scene, nor even thought about it.

OK, so. Huh. They don’t actually look alike, that’s good. But I was actually a little surprised at the specific ways in which they look different. As I said, it’s been a while.
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You know, maybe I should take weekends off. It’s good to have downtime. Granted, my problem lately is that I do renders at the last minute, but I could just not bother trying to post something every day and have something better when I do post. It’s good to have non-deadline days.

On the other hand, I still have angles of this scene I haven’t shot. I can keep digging into it and tweaking it. That’s something, right?

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I may have re-imagined the background a bit, but this scene is more or less what I was trying to do on July 31, before I decided I had too many details to fix and I had to stop and just post a close shot.

Yesterday I went back, posed the arms properly & added some magnets to clothes in a few places. That set me up for a pretty good shot from another angle, posted yesterday.

Today I finally rendered an angle showing Teresa’s right hand. I like the shadows on this one. Also, today’s 2D background mashes up elements of the backgrounds I made for the previous two images of this scene.
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Early today I intended to finish the month of July with a comic strip. I have had some ideas for strips this month, just not a lot of will to actually work on them. In the end, today also ended up with no strip. So instead you get Creedence in her swim cap & Teresa in cornrows.
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I took two more camera angles from yesterday's scene and mashed them together.

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I was looking at the heights of some of my character designs today. Even I didn't realise how short I'd made Creedence! In the shots I've done before, Creedy's been in the foreground by herself, and she looks stretched out because she's so very skinny. She's about 8.5cm shorter than Teresa, which I could not have told you. Well, here we see them right together, finally. Granted, this is a pretty dark shot!

This took a while. I tried several renders I wasn't happy with, and finally created a new camera, switched from landscape to portrait, and redid the lights. I'm pretty happy with this now. Creedence's dress is supposed to be unusually shiny—almost metallic—just so you know. I hope that worked.
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This is an unused shot from yesterday.

I’ve been thinking for a while I should render several shots and keep them in reserve to have something ready to post—maybe a sort of buffer. I haven’t been doing it, though.
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Teresa by the sea. Only 612*836, unlike the image with Ronnie two days ago.
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Sorry for not posting anything Wednesday. I started late, then decided to go ahead and make a strip, and ran later. I may add a bonus render later today.
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After the U2 song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," lyrics by Bono.

I was reading some blog posts about religion today, and this popped into my head.
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Sorry, was kind of catching up on sleep today, so for today’s (late!) daily render you just get another angle of this moment.

nsfw )
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Three images, nsfw for nudity )

...grumble mumble...I’m posting late because I spent a long time working on an effect that wasn't cooperative, and it would have been much quicker to do it a different, rougher way. Eventually I gave up.

I could have posted these shots seven hours ago.

Maybe it isn't clear, but two of these shots are from the characters' perspectives, and there's a curl of hair hanging in front of Creedence's right eye. That's what's in front of Teresa's face in the third image.
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...I expect to be posting bits of this scene, with Creedy and…someone…for the next few days.
And that someone is Teresa! )

Did I disappoint anyone who expected a guy?

This relationship has been how I saw things with these two for a while. Go back and look at Creedence's first appearance on September 30, & the daily render two days earlier of Teresa sitting in the firelight. More or less the same firelight, I suppose. It's the same room they're in now, and it's intended to be Teresa's home.

I haven't done a lot with Teresa, and I hadn't come out and definitively said she was queer, for fear of overly repeating myself.

Teresa isn't really a younger version of LaFaonne; but they're obviously both moderately dark, natural-haired, sort of femme, low-makeup (in other words, pretty normal Niauropsaka characters); and probably some other things yet to be mentioned (like, um, well, for now let's just say my characters have a lot in common with each other because they come from the same author). I do think about these characters as more than just art models, even if I don't get a lot written & posted.

Maybe I have a "ship" type: colour-contrasting couples where one—or both—are vaguely soft-femme. (Even Ronnie was going to have a dark-skinned girlfriend! But I worried that made her weirdly like Elaine, so I hadn't made that official. Of course, that also kind of fits Ronnie's ethnic identity issues.)

Oh, well, there really is more to my cast than the "gang of dykes," obviously. But contrasting shades on lovers is definitely (Jade & Terry) going (Elaine & LaFaonne) to continue (Candy & Loren) to be a thing (Marisol & Jon [nude], Sandrine & Sylvio [nsfw but at least it isn't the coital scene], Ellery & Georg [haha so nsfw, but this post is nsfw anyway]).
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A lot of people are celebrating Christmas today.

Teresa would say something here about the Christian idea of Incarnation, and how it reflects the love of the Creator for Creation. The Gospel of John tells us that God loves the world. The Book of Genesis tells us that God created the world and thought it good. If we believe in these ideas of God, then to seek the mind of God is to understand that the Creation is good in God’s eyes and the world is the desire of God.

A lot of Christians believe the world is hateful both to them and to God; and they think of Jesus as someone with a ticket out. But if God made the world, and loves the world, than that’s a misunderstanding. So instead of despising this world, we should be trying to keep it working right. Seek justice, love nature, protect the future.

(Did I get that right, Teresa?)

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and so forth.

[I got this up on Dreamwidth about 5:00 the next morning, sssh!]
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New set. Maybe Teresa’s living room?
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Another week where I basically avoided doing any artwork except something for Comix Warriors, and even then I put off doing any art until near deadline. Also I was kind of doing lying around like this, dozing, in between working on it.

Oh, well, I got it submitted in time, and people seemed to like it.

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