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This isn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be.
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I really wanted to post a GE2017 render at a reasonable hour today. Well, it’s now 20:37 in Britain, so I failed at that. But if May somehow manages to hang on as PM, at least we can reuse this the next time.
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Forty-nine years ago today, they killed the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Those that conspired to kill him were part of the power establishment, including government officeholders. They killed him to stop his challenge to the ruling class. Dr. King wanted to share the wealth of the nation with the people of that nation who were excluded from power; with the poor, the despised, and the oppressed.

I see people call themselves “conservative,” “conservatives,” “right-wing,” or the like for a lot of different reasons–some good, some bad. Even I’m “conservative” in some sense, on an issue or two. Tradition can be worth defending, sometimes.

But the United States of America has a history of ridiculous, extreme racism on one hand, and extreme, ridiculous “laissez-faire” capitalism on the other hand. In that context, “conservative” has a meaning. “Conservative” has a default, primary meaning. This is what it looks like; this is what it is.

A tradition of racial abuse, or of peonage, or of violence in the service of a ruling elite–that’s not a tradition worth defending or “conserving.”

(No art today.)
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"If you can't tell, you're a dumb liberal."
"I mean, come on, Pocahontas is a Disney Princess."
"That was a dumb movie."
"Canonically, the most beautiful of the Disney Princesses."
"OK, one, that's crazy, and two, you're missing the point."
"Am I? What's wrong with being Pocahontas?"
"It's not the movie!"
"You have something against Indians?"
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I said I didn't want Hillary Clinton to win. Maybe I should have been clear that in a race between her and an aspiring Hitler, I had to concede that he had to lose even if it meant she had to win. I thought she practically had won at that point.

You weren’t supposed to put in the racist who wants to deport millions of people. If this policy is pursued on the timetable Trump has promised, deportation will have to turn into death camps for logistical reasons. Normally, judges would stop it at some point, but the Senate GOP have been refusing to confirm “liberal” judges for a while now, so we can’t count on that. Remember how long it took to stop George W. Bush's illegal detentions? Without a large body of Obama appointees, this may be harder to stop than most Americans assume. This election looks very much like a death sentence to millions of Americans.

I’m sorry I was unclear on this point.

If you voted for Trump, believe it or not, I understand. People had different reasons. I'm not saying you're a Nazi. But now we have to stop him from killing off much of the latino population of the USA.

“Alors, c'est la guerre!”
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After the massacre in Orlando, I went looking for a 3D model of a Sig Sauer MCX. I couldn't find one. This is an MPX, by the same company. I put together this scene and then didn't use it. It doesn't look that much like an MCX, and it didn't seem useful after all. I still haven't done a comic about the shooting.

Well, today I was thinking about fireworks and firearms, and I dug this shot out. Read more... )
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I open my mouth about the UK, and suddenly I have several strangers talking about Brexit on one of my deviantART posts!

OK, maybe I shouldn’t have called Nigel Farage “a stupid toad.” He’s a political maniac, and I think his particular mania–an obsession with “foreigners”–is ridiculous. But maybe I ought to have said that he’s a fool, a fraud, and some sort of a frog.
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I don’t claim to know what the best answer is for the European Union nor for Great Britain. I was in favour of “Grexit” because I thought the Euro had failed the European periphery, and that Greece was being abused by the European Central Bank. “Brexit” is very different, but when I first heard it proposed, I sort of liked the idea of the EU losing ground, and maybe I still do. The truth is, when it comes to what I actually care more about—the knock-on effect of this vote on countries still attached to Europe and the Euro—I don’t know what the effect will be, and so I don’t know what to tell you.

But the main visible advocates of the “Leave” faction are sufficiently unpleasant to make me want not to support them. Nigel Farage remains a stupid toad. Gove has a strangely worrying smile on his face; what does he think he’s pulling over?

And Boris Johnson says he’ll apologise on telly if Brexit precipitates a recession. Well, that will accomplish just about nothing!

Put some skin in the game, Boris! Promise you’ll give up something that costs you! Maybe you should pledge that if Brexit causes Britain serious economic or political problems in the first five years, you will donate your entire fortune to a preserve for moose and squirrel!
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I admit I dropped that thread. I recall having some doubts about visuals at the time.

I opened a file of Evdokía today & remembered it. The upshot was probably going to be that my pro-drachma, anti-ECB stance was well in the minority, and Evdokía was going to tell me I was wrong? I wonder if I still have those notes.

Anyway, congratulations to London on their recent election!
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OK, if you’re in New York & a Democrat, you probably expect that I’m going to ask you to vote for Bernie Sanders. I think it’s pretty clear where I stand on that. Hillary seems awfully willing to start wars without Congressional authority, & I naturally prefer Bernie Sanders.

But what if you’re a Republican? I haven’t talked about this much. I think…I think John Kasich is a reasonably sane man. He seems very Roman Catholic, very “pro-life;” those aren’t things I identify with myself. But he seems to have his head on his shoulders.

Trump & Cruz, on the other hand, are full of hubris.

Trump wants to build a useless wall on the southern border. This will stop exactly no one from smuggling into the country, but will ruin the value of people’s land on the border, and harm wildlife. He’s a cocky amateur in over his head.

Cruz is a giant egomaniac who may be a dangerous religious fanatic. He’s a creepy Holy Roller whose wife says will “reveal the face of God.” I think we can take it as given that Ted Cruz is an apocalyptically bad risk.

So, we have a probably sane man, a probable fool, and a probable lunatic. I would pick Kasich.

Anyway, vote your own consciences. (Unless your conscience is telling you to vote for Ted Cruz, because then it’s just wrong.)
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I play coy about my exact ethnic background and location. At some point I decided that my comic was largely set in the USA, because it’s a place I lived for years, and I could write that idiom.

But by and large, cartoon Nia has had two “homes”: one is an imaginary part of North America that owes something to Florida but is sometimes colder; and the other is, well, somewhere in Greece.

And both of my homelands have reasons to tell you to stop Hillary Clinton and her Wall Street Democrats.

Greece is overrun by refugees from civil wars, mainly the one in Syria, that American foreign policy intentionally helped start. And when Qaddafi fell in Libya and “Islamic State” started terrorizing the country, it was US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s policy to make that happen. When Syria had a famine, Hillary Clinton’s State Department saw it as an opportunity to “degrade” the government’s support among the populace by civil war. Many people in the Middle East think that the chemical attacks on the populace that are blamed on Assad’s government were really performed by American agents; I don’t know if that’s true. In any case, the global refugee crisis is worse because of her decisions.

The USA–Florida especially–has had great numbers of people lose their homes due to policies undertaken by the Wall Street faction in US politics. They “securitized” adjustable rate mortgages, although “financialized” would be more accurate in that they made the whole sector insecure. You’ve probably heard about this before; they turned the very act of homebuying into a scam where both a homeowner and an investor would lose everything they put in, while the original lender would walk away with all the money. It was the “pro-business” politicians, both Democrat and Republican, who repealed the laws that could have stopped it, when Mr Clinton was President. And afterward, Hillary went to New York to be the Wall Street Senator, and make millions of dollars in “speaking fees,” working for the big financial speculators.

Millions of Floridians, and Californians, and Michiganders, and Americans in general lost their homes when the financial bubble burst. And they lost their jobs, and they can’t even stay on welfare in a long-term economic depression because the Clinton administration in the 1990′s even limited that to a few years.

Millions of Syrians and Libyans had to flee their countries, because Hillary Clinton saw the populace as no more than a means to an end to hurt their rulers. This is directly based on the “Realpolitik” theories of Richard Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a notorious mass murderer who is still protected by the Washington political establishment, and apparently a friend & mentor to Hillary.

Hillary Clinton was in political organizations that pushed those situations over the edge, and in the case of the civil wars, she was a policy setter herself. She is corrupt, she is dangerous, and she has already ruined nations.

If you are an American, please vote for Bernie Sanders in the upcoming primary. He’s more of a “populist” Democrat who will try to help lower-income people. And he seems to be a little bit smarter on foreign policy–at least he isn’t talking about how well he gets along with Henry Kissinger!

If Hillary wins the primary, it will probably become a choice between her and Donald Trump, who is new to politics, in way over his head, playing at being an American Hitler in a desperate bid for support, & probably even worse than Hillary in several other ways. The primary is the best place to stop her.

Don’t reward this evil woman with even more power.
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Well, that's entirely too much text. Here's a transcript:
About now, Raspberry is waking up, after finally getting a full night’s sleep, and regretting handing the comic strip over to me. And because she’s a big ol’ nerd, she’s going to regret not being able to use the comics to talk about politics during a very contentious US Presidential primary season.

Well, it’s a good day to talk politics, anyway. I can do that!

1) Hillary Clinton winning the Iowa caucus was not ‘historic’ nor even new. She won most of the primaries in 2008.
2) Clinton voters then were pretty much either white people, or anti-black racists. Minorities voted for Obama. Why does anyone think black voters love Hillary?
3) When Ta-Nehisi Coates criticized Sanders for not supporting reparations, Coates was not endorsing Hillary. He scolded Sanders for being too similar to Hillary, because neither support Coates’s call for reparations. Coates had hoped Sanders would listen to his ideas, and then his ego was wounded when Sanders didn’t return his calls. So Coates wrote a ‘White people suck’ article naming Sanders. But it’s not pro-Hillary.
4) Hillary took donations from private prison companies as late as last September. She stopped, finally, because folks noticed.

Media companies dominated by white conservatives keep saying that black Americans are reliable Clinton supporters? No, Bill & Hillary are just ‘the devil we know.’ They’re still white, ‘tough on crime,’ mostly conservative Democrats.

The real story about black voters is this: We know the Clintons are shit, because they’ve been shit to us.

I think if Bernie Sanders were a Christian, he’d be running way ahead of Hillary already.


Same disclaimer as with Elaine's conspiracy theories: Opinions expressed by the characters do not necessarily correspond to those of the author, let alone to reality. That said, I did enough research on this one I think it's pretty close to reality.
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Evil must be called out. It must be recognized as evil if it is to be stopped.

Jim Crow attitudes, and decisions derived from them, must be called out.

White nationalism must be called out.

I heard President Obama’s little speech after the grand jury decision. He talked about being a nation of laws. Don’t pretend, sir, that this decision was the rule of law. This was a Jim Crow kind of decision, and it should be called out as such.

And instead of playing to white racists and then patronizing to blacks, how about the President tries to enforce the law? No, looting won’t fix anything. Letting a bad cop walk without so much as a manslaughter indictment won’t fix anything either.

Without credibility in the eyes of the populace, the justice system is going to find the enforcement of law very difficult. And this was not really credible.

It’s not a grand jury’s job to decide a case and acquit or convict; that’s to be done in open court. Has the Washington culture of secret courts and assassinations made the president forget that? This was an attempt to avoid having a proper trial for a police officer, and use secret grand jury proceedings instead.

It seems to me that this is not about law, but politics. Apparently there’s one faction that want police officers (and presumably other agents of the state, like soldiers, spies, and these days so very many mercenaries) to be excused for misuse of lethal force. There’s another faction that want to protect civil rights and hold public servants to a higher standard. And the tiebreaker in this case are the racists, who want it to be legal to kill black men.

That doesn’t have to mean that 50% of the populace either believe in general police brutality or excuse murdering ethnic minorities. These probably aren’t the ratios of those attitudes in the general populace, but in those allowed to make decisions in the name of the “rule of law”: Public servants and the ruling class.

That seems to mean there are still old-fashioned Jim Crow racists in the USA’s local governments, and they can at least make an ad hoc majority with the Judge Dredd fascists long enough to make sure no police officer is punished for killing a mere “colored boy.”

This is very bad.
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[Edit, November 20: I redid the letters to be a little clearer. The old version is still on my personal tumblr or here.]

I was over four hours too late for Comix Warriors Week 58.

I had a script idea days ago that I didn't like very much, so I kept putting off working on this strip. Today I decided to do something different; I was thinking about something a friend said about Net Neutrality, and it seemed like a good subject for an Elaine Spratt theory. Sorry for the arcane subject matter, but I hope some people find it interesting.

(Opinions expressed by the characters are not necessarily those of the author. OK, I sort of agree with Elaine here, this time.)

(from http://raspberryraincomic.tumblr.com/post/103029343716/gop-business-plan-elaines-theory )
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I'm going to get on a political rant for a few days.

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