Oct. 6th, 2017 11:49 pm
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partial nudity )

I regret this shot already. But as an artist, I’m really proud of the right hand’s position in this pose.
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1600*900 )

I tweaked and reshot a very early shot of Ellery and my avatar, using some of the skills I have learnt since.
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Relighting of a shot from 2016 february 27. Still kind of a mess.
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It’s irritating having gained weight to see how skinny my author avatar still is.

I am absolutely this thin in real life, and I don’t sit on the computer all day getting fat! [/blatant lies]
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I was feeling really productive yesterday, even if I didn’t get a comic done. I customised this one-piece yesterday, and I’m really happy with it. (Both the colours and the custom magnet to fit my author avatar’s bust.) I also finally learned how use shadow bias, which admittedly would have been good to know before now.

Today, I feel like I haven’t gotten quite as much done.

But actually I did some work on eye surface specularity that I learned something from! It just isn’t in this shot. It was earlier, while working on a scene I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever post. So, yeah, I didn’t do a whole lot of artwork today, and what I worked on the longest isn’t what I’m posting. But I really did do some work I’m proud of! OK, I feel better now.
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‘Why are your self-portraits so pretentious?’
'Because I’m an artist!

Also I’m in a hurry. I want to post something before it gets late today.
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I really wanted to post a GE2017 render at a reasonable hour today. Well, it’s now 20:37 in Britain, so I failed at that. But if May somehow manages to hang on as PM, at least we can reuse this the next time.


Jun. 6th, 2017 08:56 am
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Just experimenting. Bleh.
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I’m not dead after all. I’ve been flaking on more than just art the last week.
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I have three other things I want to be doing right this minute, but I don’t want to go several days without posting art again. So, a quick selfie.
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Cut for exposed breasts. )

This is an odd strip, but this thing was bothering me. TV Tropes has an analysis page on the trope “Boobs of Steel,” where a strong woman (especially in comics and animation) is also drawn with large breasts. But I’ve noticed that some people don’t seem to understand the difference in real life.
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I’m not dead. Sorry for not posting anything for about a week. Partly I’m distracted by other things. But somehow I’ve been getting weirdly blocked when it comes to actually posing figures in scenes; this has been a problem for a while now. It makes it hard to do anything like a comic.
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Hot weather and green growing things.

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A tiny bit of animation.

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