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I’m not thrilled with this for a few reasons, but after fiddling with this scene for a while, I’m putting this composite up just to have a daily post.

Really more of a sketch, but it has panels of a kind, so, sure, call it a comic.
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Cut for exposed breasts. )

This is an odd strip, but this thing was bothering me. TV Tropes has an analysis page on the trope “Boobs of Steel,” where a strong woman (especially in comics and animation) is also drawn with large breasts. But I’ve noticed that some people don’t seem to understand the difference in real life.
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Hot weather and green growing things.

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I thought Elena was a good, common, pretty name that I’d somehow never used for one of my characters. Oh, yeah, that’s why. Well, the names are different in rhythm and syllable length, so it didn’t occur to me until later.

Elena Nicodemo, Elaine Spratt, & the artist
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"If you can't tell, you're a dumb liberal."
"I mean, come on, Pocahontas is a Disney Princess."
"That was a dumb movie."
"Canonically, the most beautiful of the Disney Princesses."
"OK, one, that's crazy, and two, you're missing the point."
"Am I? What's wrong with being Pocahontas?"
"It's not the movie!"
"You have something against Indians?"
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I am still less than perfectly happy with this strip. But I guess it’s an OK start? I may be revisiting this subject over time.
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“The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.”
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I may be writing again, but it's not going to be coming out fast. Unless tomorrow I suddenly decide comics are a waste of time and write it as prose.
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Late yesterday I decided that my artwork this hot summer needed a preponderance of swimsuits. Also redheads for some reason. And hey, look, Ellery’s mother is conveniently redheaded!

Read more if you want to see me ramble about vocabulary for some reason. )

Oh, and these two have swapped typefaces from the previous strip Ellery's mother appeared in, back in 2014: "Ellery needs air." A minor touch only I care about, but there it is.
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I don’t claim to know what the best answer is for the European Union nor for Great Britain. I was in favour of “Grexit” because I thought the Euro had failed the European periphery, and that Greece was being abused by the European Central Bank. “Brexit” is very different, but when I first heard it proposed, I sort of liked the idea of the EU losing ground, and maybe I still do. The truth is, when it comes to what I actually care more about—the knock-on effect of this vote on countries still attached to Europe and the Euro—I don’t know what the effect will be, and so I don’t know what to tell you.

But the main visible advocates of the “Leave” faction are sufficiently unpleasant to make me want not to support them. Nigel Farage remains a stupid toad. Gove has a strangely worrying smile on his face; what does he think he’s pulling over?

And Boris Johnson says he’ll apologise on telly if Brexit precipitates a recession. Well, that will accomplish just about nothing!

Put some skin in the game, Boris! Promise you’ll give up something that costs you! Maybe you should pledge that if Brexit causes Britain serious economic or political problems in the first five years, you will donate your entire fortune to a preserve for moose and squirrel!
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I started this the 15th! I just didn't work on it often enough.

Of course Ellery and lamia-Ellery don't have matching eye textures. Neither have they matching skin textures, nor hair textures.
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This is late. I'm sorry.

For anyone who stumbles on this by accident: No, most of the comic isn't like this. Most of the time Ellery isn't like this; usually her hair is even shorter and she's in modern clothes. Most of the comic avoids high fantasy tropes; this is 'fantasy Ellery.' Most of the time (so far) there isn't even a comic.

For that rare person who actually recognizes these characters from other art posts, sorry, I zonked out today & got this done late. It's rushed enough that I didn't give Ellery her giant sword, and I didn't render Lady Azal's piebald unicorn. Maybe they'll have them in another scene.

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