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This came out much more like Elsa cosplay than I intended.

(This is the "mother of serpents" in human form.)
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Even with ‘hair’ in front of the face, I think this expression works pretty well.
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I'm not quite happy with this facial expression yet.
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Sorry, no comic strip this Wednesday after all.
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Nia!lamia from yesterday's scene. I'm not thrilled with the hand positions, and I didn't even think of flexing the biceps until a few minutes ago. Oh, well.
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Or maybe a hole in the roof? Actually, I can accept that the ceiling is that high, but what door could let the Tumbloni in? Maybe it's in a courtyard. That might work.

Anyway, here's a sort of scale comparison of three different versions—the three different major versions, I think—of my author avatar. Except that the Tumbloni didn't fit.
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fantastic nudity )

This is the room from my snake-girl shots of December 2014. I rebuilt the room exactly, which is probably silly given that it's really just a doorless, windowless box with a funny-coloured mirror on one wall.
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some nudity )

I worked on the materials for that clock today, because I wasn't happy with how it looked in 3Delight. I think it's better, but not ideal yet. (Clock from Northern Terrace Kitchen Utensils by David Brinnen & ForbiddenWhispers)
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Oops, didn't do this in time to be Tuesday's render. First glimpse of lamia-version Ellery with the "long taper" tail. I tried to get it roughly proportionate to Nia's.
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I started this the 15th! I just didn't work on it often enough.

Of course Ellery and lamia-Ellery don't have matching eye textures. Neither have they matching skin textures, nor hair textures.
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I told myself I would make a comic today. Then I did something else. This is all you get: another angle on the most clothed shot from 21 March.

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As I was uploading this, I realised it needed a name. Well, Ellery does abbreviate her name as LRE sometimes….XD
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cut for size (1672x1672) )

Not a new scene, not even a new pose, just a new camera angle.

I was in a bad mood and not working on art for a while. Twelve days without rendering anything was probably long enough, though.
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Two versions of another shot of the “snake-girl in mirror” scene.

Looks like I rendered this one December 6, put together these edits December 9, and never posted either of them.
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1280px preview )

Tweaked & reshot in a scale for prints and eventually a calendar page.

Print available on deviantART.

I was going to crop this several ways for Society6 merch as well, but it looks like I’m going to reshoot it two more times to handle all the different dimensions.
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1280x1280 )

Yes, I know I already did this scene, with a shot a lot like this. This is closer and higher-resolution, and it’s a crop of a really big render, because…

I think I’ll do high-resolution renders of several scenes and put together a calendar on deviantART. I invite anyone reading this to make suggestions of previously posted scenes you’d like to be included.

Or suggestions of scenes you don’t want me to include, even.

It’s absurdly late in the year to do this, I know.

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