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I tweaked and reshot a very early shot of Ellery and my avatar, using some of the skills I have learnt since.
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reshoot of july 23, bit smaller, raytraced sunlight
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Relighting of a shot from 2016 february 27. Still kind of a mess.
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Larger resolution of yesterday’s shot with poor Ramses’s nakedness cropped out. I mean, detail of yesterday’s shot. Yeah.
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Since it was so popular last time (as if), I'm revisiting my scene of Pankhi with a basketball. I may be unwell and lazy, but I insist on posting something every day this July.

This time I changed out one silly abstract background for a totally different one.
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Yep, feeling super-creative today. [/sarcasm]
But today I successfully cloned a hard drive, so that’s good.
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Old scene, from late July 2013, back when I had a scenario and plans. New camera angle. Slacking off today.

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