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A quick render for Wednesday.
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Expanded from “blue Jade” on my blog a few days ago.

blue Jade

Aug. 19th, 2015 03:52 pm
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87 minutes ago: OK, so maybe I’m on a holiday from art a little bit.


OK, I did a quick render.
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USA Congressional elections are tomorrow!
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I’m gradually adding to my runtime props and figures I bought months ago. Today I loaded this pyjama set and customized the materials for Jade.

I don’t consciously mean to keep dressing Jade in jade green….
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Another Comix Warriors submission, for the theme "Style."

There’s a sort of (ironically reversed) meta quality to this strip. I go through this process of trying to dress my characters when I set up a scene. Last week, I guess the cardigan didn’t occur to me; and I wasn’t happy at that time with the vest (waistcoat); and rather than hunting down a good jacket, I just left Jade in this blouse without a jacket, jewelry, or anything.

So I did a strip about trying on different things and not liking them, and so I altered the vest/waistcoat and cardigan enough to be presentable.

And now I wish I’d taken the time to do that for last week’s strip, because they turned out to look better than the blouse by itself. e_e
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Jade is not pleased at being told she's running in the "wrong" district.

For a Comix Warriors challenge to do a comic strip around the word "tribal."
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This sort of built up over several days. Since I have eight panels done, I'm posting it.

Lori's pretty rude, but I think she's mostly got the right attitude.
Ellery was going to be in it, but she may get a whole strip of her own on this theme.

Ozzy Obarski (with Jeannette in background), Jade Wilcoxson, Domingo (who came to the States for school), Jessi (first appearance thereof),
Lori (being sassy), Loren Runyon, LaFaonne, and the artist.
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This was meant to be the actual main Bunny Day image. I was going to have it below the strip with the band singing "Broken Wings.'

I had most of the outfits put together before Easter, and then decided to get the band's scene done first. I thought I might be two days late with this, but then I created a new character to be one of Katie's friends, and then I wondered if I should even bother, and I stopped working on it.

And now it's a week late. This is close enough to what I wanted, I'm just posting it like this. I guess I can go back and stick a few more characters in later.
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Sexy renders week! And I forgot to repost the first one here yesterday, but here it is now, behind a cut for sex and nudity:

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I never did html versions of these strips; these are the versions posted on tumblr a week ago. Guess I probably won't now. You're stuck with English.

Textless versions are here, though: http://raspberryraincomic.tumblr.com/private/24455810040/tumblr_m54p9oGcWt1rw8t3a

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