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Another angle of August 16th’s scene. This would be better with background figures, ideally! But after blowing off doing any artwork Wednesday morning, I thought of this as something where I didn’t have to be creative, and that I hoped I could render somewhat quickly. As it is, it turned out OK, but I was posting it at midnight.

There are some weird shadow glitches on those chairs in the background.
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(new angle of 2015 august 16)
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This one is a bit large: 1224*1672 )

Apparently there's a body of water in the background. I didn't start this scene with that in mind! Some days I just make up the backgrounds as I go.

I've been intentionally vague as to how near my American characters live to the sea, but beaches do pop up in the renders sometimes.

I thought about cutting this down to my usual dimensions, but decided to keep it oversized at 1224*1672. Happy Xmas, have a big PNG.
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Sorry for not posting anything Wednesday. I started late, then decided to go ahead and make a strip, and ran later. I may add a bonus render later today.
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More mirroring:

I look at this and think, 'If this were a magazine ad for a wristwatch, I’d have to redo it.'

Sorry, no render yesterday, and this is all for today.
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I'm thinking of using the "blackified" version of Ronnie for a little thing....
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Some shots of Ronnie's car.
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I guess this can count as Thursday’s daily render, unless I do another one and make this a bonus render.

This is probably it for today, though.
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[Edit, November 20: I redid the letters to be a little clearer. The old version is still on my personal tumblr or here.]

I was over four hours too late for Comix Warriors Week 58.

I had a script idea days ago that I didn't like very much, so I kept putting off working on this strip. Today I decided to do something different; I was thinking about something a friend said about Net Neutrality, and it seemed like a good subject for an Elaine Spratt theory. Sorry for the arcane subject matter, but I hope some people find it interesting.

(Opinions expressed by the characters are not necessarily those of the author. OK, I sort of agree with Elaine here, this time.)

(from http://raspberryraincomic.tumblr.com/post/103029343716/gop-business-plan-elaines-theory )
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I may be developing Butts Disease. Send help.

Seriously, though, I hope to have an actual comic in the next few days, with dialogue and everything.

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