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This pose was not really meant to be a closeup, but I didn’t do anything new today, so here it is. And yeah, I’m calling generic background lady ‘Serena,’ because that’s her name, but she’s really a generic background lady.
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An experiment with a different hair prop–and her hair parted on the other side.
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nudity (waist up), sexual implications... )

I’m dropping this business of not stating this woman’s name. She’s ‘Lia’ for reference purposes.

As for this shot, um, yeah, he’s naked, and I don’t know why….
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Greece is on “Summer Time” as of Sunday. So putting Evdokía in a bikini sounds appropriate, no?

No. It is gloomy, rainy, and cool.
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Mamie here started as me fiddling with default Vicki 4. She still is pretty close, I guess. Not as leggy, though.
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I look at this and wonder, not for the first time, if I should add some bulk to the arms of my cartoon avatar.

This is, like most of what I post anymore, a super lazy daily shot. This is the same outfit & almost the same pose as I had for my Thanksgiving comic over a year ago. I actually was starting to post it and realised I still had the “autumny” makeup on. …I decided at least to change that.
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Today I opened a scene file I saved in 2013 and took some new shots. I think this is one of Stonemason’s urban sets.
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nude )

This was a happy accident. One of the lights didn’t go where I meant to put it, but it worked out well like this.
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Sorry, getting another late render in just to have something posted today. We have indeed seen Dario’s mama before, once. I don’t remember her name, if I ever knew it.

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