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'Walker's out!'

'What? I've been "out" for years.'

(Context: A USA politician called Scott Walker just gave up on his campaign for president. Walker here, whose first name is Mark, is openly bi.)
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cut for comic nudity )

Hello to anyone who showed up via the United Webcomics ring!

My alleged comic has more or less stopped being a comic so much as me posting some kind of new render every day. I think I'm still doing almost one comic a week, just with more random stuff in between.

I did a sexy masquerade render yesterday. For today, a more humourous take on something Hushicho suggested a while back....

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Of all the characters in my 3D work, Walker was one of the first conceived. I came up with the idea for him, and named him, before I even started doing 3D renders. When I did get into 3D, but before there even was a comic, I considered making him the star of an interactive story.

The problem with having the character concept first, and then a long time where he was just in my head, was then designing his visual appearance. If I start with a sculpt, I can mostly grow a character around it. If I start with a more abstract personality concept, building a sculpt that “looks right” is harder, because my imagination doesn’t really know what it wants, or something.

At one point, when he was going to be the star of an interactive game, he was going to be a bit burlier, built a lot like Luke here. But part of me wanted him to be skinnier.

When I built Anton, I almost decided that he was Walker. He had the hair prop I had been planning to use for Walker, and he was roughly the right physical type. But then I thought maybe he was too pretty, or too skinny, or something. Somehow I decided just to call that sculpt Anton, and try again.

So then I started the comic, and then started to bring the rock band, Walker’s band, into it. But I had no Walker actually built. I thought about making comics where the rest of the band stand around and wonder where he is. That affected how I saw the character. He became more defined by depression than he had been previously.

I finally sculpted something to be Walker, officially. And I thought I’d sabotaged myself. Anton had claimed the Kozaburo long hair, so Walker got stuck with an old AprilYSH hair figure to look different. And I thought I’d overworked the body. He wasn’t quite good-looking enough anymore. He was a little too goofy-looking. Maybe I should have just used the Anton design. But it was done, and I didn’t want to go over it again.

Later, I sculpted Luke to be another character’s love interest, and actually I think he’s better-looking than either Anton or Walker. I wasn’t thinking about it, I don’t think, but he does kind of look like Walker could have if I hadn’t insisted on making him skinny. But I’m glad he’s not Walker. I can let him be a more relaxed character without all that baggage.

...and I just realised that I haven't actually posted anything with Luke in it, and barely anything of Anton. Well, I built them, anyway.


Nov. 27th, 2013 02:49 pm
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Steff joining the band.

Steff’s sunburst bass modeled by Music2u4u. Studley’s drums from the Rockstage by Richabri, I think. Everyone else’s instruments are off panel.

“Redneck Wonderland” written by Rob Hirst and Jim Moginie for Midnight Oil.

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They say if you live with someone for a long time, you start to look like each other. That has not been my experience.

If you don’t get it, ask someone who was alive in the 1970’s, I guess.
No, that is not Marigold Farmer.
Another Comix Warriors submission.
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Thursday's posted image )

I do like the album Some Nights, and “We Are Young" is a fun song (as well as a song by fun.), but stepping back and looking at it, the refrain on "We Are Young" is a little silly.

This, given it’s supposed to be my entry for United Webcomics’ August 1 swimsuit event, is very late, but hey, it’s still Thursday morning in California, right?

And it was supposed to be twice as big! I had the dialogue “written" in my head days ago, but the actual posing and rendering takes a while, and I procrastinated too much (also fell asleep a couple of times), and ended up posting it only half done.

Amy Letts just put one of my strips from last week up on the United Webcomics page, so I guess it’s OK. I just feel like I’m getting later and later with my posts.

The way I do things is faster than actually hand-painting it to that quality. It’s faster and more consistent than hand-inking it (probably). It’s nowhere near as fast as just writing. It’s frustrating how slow it can be.

August 5: Well, it's another two days later, but here's the whole thing:

For what was supposed to be a little joke and a quick digression, this laid me low. Five figures and nighttime lighting. But mostly I was not working on it, and psyching myself out, much more than I was working on it.

I’m sorry. I lost focus, and I started talking myself into quitting again.

Saturday, I woke up from a dream (about a rock band!) feeling inspired, and tried to get back to work. Instead of just shooting the second line, I tried shooting the top line with different lighting. I’m not used to nighttime lighting. It took over two hours for one of the shots, much of that being Rosalea’s hair, not that anyone would notice. Then I had other things asking to be done, so I didn’t get finished.

But I got it finished now, two days after I said, and four days late overall!
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I've been thinking about doing things like this as extras since...last fall?

Only not usually with rewritten lyrics. I guess that could be a thing, though.

This week this may be all you get. I've been arguing with myself over whether to continue. I think I should though.
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The band are playing the concert Elaine was talking about in the last strip. I probably should exposit better. Maybe captions or something.

"Broken Wings" is by Richard Page, Steve George, and John Lang. © 1985

Here's the SBD participants list again: Read more... )

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