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Side-by side comparison of my versions of Zatanna and Diana (Wonder Woman). I tweaked Diana's build a little more today, and I shall likely tweak her again.
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Another render from yesterday. And a design that is ostensibly another DC superhero, not that you’d know if I didn’t tell you…

…so I won’t!

World-famous illusionist “Anna Ocean” in a bikini and a cardigan. (Totally not Zatanna, you guys.) She said this outfit was a response to the unseasonably warm weather this week. But c’mon, she’s worked Vegas! I think there is probably a heated pool somewhere in the context.
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“Brown sugar?”
“Castor sugar.”
“Texture matters.”
“Texture? You’re adding walnuts!”
“This isn’t your Grammy’s farm back in Ohio, this is civilization!”
Kal rolled his eyes. “Should I grind up the walnuts, too? For civilization?”
Zatanna opened the bag of walnuts and appraised them. “Yes, actually, you could crush these.”
Kal took a handful of walnuts and crushed them down to something like sand in his palm.
“Don’t crush them in your grubby hands, use the rolling pin!”
“My hands are clean!”
“A likely story!”
“Do you want me to leave?”
Rather than answer him, Zatanna spoke to the electric mixer, “Xim rof thgie setunim,” and set the oven to preheat.
“You know, I could bake the cookies with my heat vision.”
“It’s a way to practice fine control–”
“All right, fair enough.”
“Gnillor nip, hsurc stunlaw! Namrepus, og rehtob Rednow Namow!”

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