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On the 31st, I posted an image of Marisol as seen by trick-or-treaters on Hallowe'en:

Coming back to this...(NSFW) Marisol as seen by her man on Hallowe'en night. )

How she fit those wings in the house I’m not sure. There’s a reason I tagged the image “surreal.”
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Happy Hallowe'en!

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nudity )

Oops. Didn't actually do any artwork Friday. Well, I shot this at the last minute, but it's just a different angle of an old VDSD scene, with no lights, and it's basically Saturday now anyway. I've been reading about politics a lot, and not doing any art. :(
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cut for nudity )

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive!

Different participants do it differently. Since my blog is hardly nudity-free in general, today’s post, a rather mild little image of lovebirds Jon and Marisol, seems like cheaping out on you webcomics fans.

I would have liked to do a week of sexy comics leading up to VDSD. But I let time get away from me, so instead of VDSD capping a Sexy Renders Week, today is the beginning of a … Sexy Renders Interval, let’s say. I have some more stuff outlined that needs posed and rendered.

Complete list of VDSD participants

Tumblr version of this post
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They say if you live with someone for a long time, you start to look like each other. That has not been my experience.

If you don’t get it, ask someone who was alive in the 1970’s, I guess.
No, that is not Marigold Farmer.
Another Comix Warriors submission.
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Nobody's wearing shoes in this scene because Jeph doesn't draw feet, or something.

Couple more shout-outs:

Marisol is reading Garabateando on the computer.

You can't buy her t-shirt, but you can buy one like it.

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