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I turned all the lights up higher for this one.
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Oh, maybe the day before the fourth anniversary of the strip was a bad day to flake completely on art. Or is that appropriate, considering my history?

Anyway, here's a new shot of Sandrine, more or less.

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Old scene, from late July 2013, back when I had a scenario and plans. New camera angle. Slacking off today.
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Just another variation on yesterday's shot.
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I'm not sure if it's more the hair or the lights, but this came out a little odd-looking, I think.
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Yes, this is posted a bit late in the day. I probably should have something rendering while I’m obsessively reading TVTropes!

(17:42 - And now I’ve gone through and reshot it, an hour later, with a few minor tweaks….)
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When I started on this strip, this morning, I thought I could put it together pretty fast. I was so wrong.
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I read a lot about calendars today.
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Look, there’s a doorway on the other side of Sandrine’s living room now.

I still don’t really know much about how this house is laid out.
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Thirteen days ago I posted that I wanted to put together a calendar. In fact, I have not finished one print-quality image in that time! Lazy!

Today I tried to re-open that lamia scene to work on it, but it glitched again. So I made this strip because I was angry.

OK, I hope to have one or two prints done by the new year. I can’t promise more than that.
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So, in yesterday's strip, when I said I loved 3D art? I am such a liar.

cut for rant )

(updated image with some new postwork, noon December 7.)

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