Feb. 19th, 2017

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I actually posed and rendered this scene early today, and decided not to publish it. It started as just one of those scenes I put together for myself, comparing different character designs side by side. I didn't think it was worth publishing.

That said, while I was working on it, I went looking at 3D-Age's Renderosity store, thinking about getting some more virtual clothes. 3D-Age is having a 60% off sale? Prae has some big markdowns, too!?

Anyhow, the clothes in this happen all to be 3D-Age. That's why I'm posting it. So if you use Victoria 4 or a figure that can adapt Vicki 4 clothes, this may be a good day to take a look.

There are a few hours left. Too bad I am basically broke. Oh, well, I already have a lot of the useful 3D-Age stuff, anyway.

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