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I have posted a variation on this scene before, as part of a sort of montage strip. Which seems to be how I usually use Jessi. Huh.
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I posted an oversized render again, so Tumblr is probably going to turn it into a JPEG, again. DeviantART created a preview-sized image, so that's nice. You can click it to see the full size, or go to http://niauropsaka.deviantart.com/art/Finn-and-Jessi-618708129

I designed these characters a couple of years ago. Jessi has popped up in a couple of comic panels, but I don't think I've officially introduced her. I don't remember if I've even rendered anything with Finn.

Finn is shinier than he really should be, I guess; maybe I'll tone down the specular strength on his skin.

Anyway, um, maybe more about them later? See if you can guess why they're linked in my mind.


Apr. 30th, 2014 12:24 am
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I've been slacking off on the reposts to Dreamwidth. (I'm actually posting on May 8.)
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Happy New Year!

OK, deep breath–featuring two crows, Ellery, Malcolm, Zipporah, Sandrine, Arlo, Jessi, Misha, Steff, Sylvio, Sandrine again, Ellery again, Domingo (haven’t seen him in a while), Jeannette, and LaFaonne.

It’s funny. As long as I’ve been doing this I don’t think I’ve ever published a strip that mentions that Jeannette and LaFaonne have been best friends at least since high school. I knew this even before I designed Elaine.

I need to get more work done, huh?
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This sort of built up over several days. Since I have eight panels done, I'm posting it.

Lori's pretty rude, but I think she's mostly got the right attitude.
Ellery was going to be in it, but she may get a whole strip of her own on this theme.

Ozzy Obarski (with Jeannette in background), Jade Wilcoxson, Domingo (who came to the States for school), Jessi (first appearance thereof),
Lori (being sassy), Loren Runyon, LaFaonne, and the artist.

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