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I have posted a variation on this scene before, as part of a sort of montage strip. Which seems to be how I usually use Jessi. Huh.


Nov. 26th, 2014 12:37 pm
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Sweet tea, sun tea, milk tea. Tea.

Arlo, of course, is the man who is no longer allowed to cut my hair.

Since I was already running late, I tried a new trick for quick diffuse lighting. It's not naturalistic, but it'll do in a pinch.
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Happy New Year!

OK, deep breath–featuring two crows, Ellery, Malcolm, Zipporah, Sandrine, Arlo, Jessi, Misha, Steff, Sylvio, Sandrine again, Ellery again, Domingo (haven’t seen him in a while), Jeannette, and LaFaonne.

It’s funny. As long as I’ve been doing this I don’t think I’ve ever published a strip that mentions that Jeannette and LaFaonne have been best friends at least since high school. I knew this even before I designed Elaine.

I need to get more work done, huh?
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My comics look so much better with shadows!
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I used to think when I was younger that I would like to have straight hair that just fell smoothly to my shoulders. But somehow it just looks wrong now. Not me after all, I guess.

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