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OK, it’s not a comic, but it is a pretty good render, and maybe I should be happy with that.
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So, let’s see.

This is very late, I have been up way too long with it, and now I’m wondering if I should even post it.

Lori’s been in my head a long time. She’s tiny, she’s young-looking, and she’s kind of…sex-mad. To me, she’s just one of these weird people my characters know. To other people, she probably seems like some kind of ephebophile’s fetish figure. (She’s…maybe 22 in this scene? But people think she’s underage, that’s the joke. Bad joke.)

And yes, this is inspired by people I know in real life.

One of those characters that probably works better in prose, or not front and center a day before the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive.

I ended up really re-doing this, too. The version I almost posted five hours ago (only five hours ago?) had badly placed limbs, and then the lights were a headache. And I could have posted the big PNG an hour earlier if I hadn’t decided to do another for deviantART.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m posting this on dA.

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I put off starting this strip too long, and I submitted it late to Comix Warriors. I kind of feel like the panels are too small and/or too few, but I don’t really want to reshoot it now.
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For Comix Warriors week 60

sloth reference (I still maintain that I do not draw. I traced it roughly.)

Lori (late)

Dec. 9th, 2014 11:04 pm
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OK, this is so late it shouldn’t even count as Tuesday’s render. But it’s Tuesday’s render.
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We haven't seen Zeke and Lori for a while. Where do neglected characters go?
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This sort of built up over several days. Since I have eight panels done, I'm posting it.

Lori's pretty rude, but I think she's mostly got the right attitude.
Ellery was going to be in it, but she may get a whole strip of her own on this theme.

Ozzy Obarski (with Jeannette in background), Jade Wilcoxson, Domingo (who came to the States for school), Jessi (first appearance thereof),
Lori (being sassy), Loren Runyon, LaFaonne, and the artist.
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There are a few comics I haven't put on the dreamwidth, but really I did next to nothing this summer.

This is the new one. I was mad at myself for taking four days to do this one. But then I remembered it really took me about a week to first start doing a comic strip from when I first resolved to do it.

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