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The way Pascal’s hair rather floats not quite attached to his scalp has been bothering me. Today I realised that it’s not a fitting problem, that it is actually sculpted that way in the hair figure, and it may not be worth it to me to try to fix.

I didn’t say anything about it until now, but I skipped posting a daily render Saturday. I think I’m going to take Saturdays (and maybe Sundays) off from having to post something, at least for a while.

If I’m to start making comics again, I have to change my pattern.

It doesn’t take that much to post something simple like a quick head shot, but maybe just having the day off will help.
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sex/nudity )

I may be tired of this scenario, finally. I rendered a version of this yesterday to be sure to have something ready, and did Photoshoppery to it today. (And then re-rendered it to fix a detail, noon today.)

Tomorrow may look rather different, but I don't know yet.
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The shadows on this render are a little different. I actually set up this shot and rendered it two days ago; I was having some issues with the raytracing. I went ahead and shot this version, with a shadow map instead, but I was hoping to figure out a way to keep the stark shadows of the rest of this series. Today I decided not to bother. This shows Pascal's eye better anyway.

As a bonus, I can actually see posting this on deviantArt, given that it doesn't have the visible buttock-grabbing and the like seen in most of this little sequence.

Oh, and since I rendered this two days ago, for once I am actually a little bit ahead. Let's see if I can keep up a little buffer.
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NSFW!!! )

Fourth day of this scenario, I know. I thought this shot would go fast, and then I kept finding things to tweak. I will move on eventually.
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nsfw )

This came out more surreal than I realised.
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cut for nudity )

I’m both uncreative and lazy today. For today’s render, have a naked guy.

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