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Hello to anyone who showed up via the United Webcomics ring!

My alleged comic has more or less stopped being a comic so much as me posting some kind of new render every day. I think I'm still doing almost one comic a week, just with more random stuff in between.

I did a sexy masquerade render yesterday. For today, a more humourous take on something Hushicho suggested a while back....

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Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive!

Different participants do it differently. Since my blog is hardly nudity-free in general, today’s post, a rather mild little image of lovebirds Jon and Marisol, seems like cheaping out on you webcomics fans.

I would have liked to do a week of sexy comics leading up to VDSD. But I let time get away from me, so instead of VDSD capping a Sexy Renders Week, today is the beginning of a … Sexy Renders Interval, let’s say. I have some more stuff outlined that needs posed and rendered.

Complete list of VDSD participants

Tumblr version of this post
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Dhiar is from Incubus Tales.

A United Webcomics crossover. Other participants listed here: http://www.unitedwebcomics.com/2013/04/30/walpurgis-night/

Edit: This is a little confusing. Elaine and LaFaonne show up today on Michael Balistreri's blog:

I'll add that image in the comments.
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Oh yeah, another United Webcomics project. And I was matched at random, so I'm a little bit lucky it wasn't somebody with a cat head. This is going to be either an intense week or an abject failure.
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The band are playing the concert Elaine was talking about in the last strip. I probably should exposit better. Maybe captions or something.

"Broken Wings" is by Richard Page, Steve George, and John Lang. © 1985

Here's the SBD participants list again: Read more... )
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Last Saturday, I had a great idea for Sexy Bunny Day, and worried I wouldn't get it done by Friday, when things were supposed to go up.
Later, I had the idea for this strip as a prelude to the other strip, maybe on Wednesday. I was arguing with myself whether even to take time to do it, then on Wednesday decided to just do it for Thursday. And then it became twice as long as I meant it to, and it's my Friday post.
So, I hope there will be another strip or something later this weekend, but in any case this is the Sexy Bunny Day strip now.

I don't really trust DrunkDuck with html right now, so I'm just going to keep the list here. These are all the participants in Sexy Bunny Day: Read more... )

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