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Just a quickish nude render today. This reminds me that I want to improve the materials settings on Eddin’s body hair. Well, I fixed his gens materials today, because wow did I have that too pale before.
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I'm not real thrilled with this one. The camera angle could be better. I could have moved the arms. The fill lights could have been tweaked. But it's up before noon!

I can often do a single render pretty quickly. Doing a comic often takes all day—sometimes longer, really. I didn't really stick with it last night. And I still don't have a script, or even an idea I'm quite happy with.

So you get an extra angle of yesterday's scene.
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I...was sort of planning to do a comic tomorrow. I want to start doing a comic a week again. I don't know, though. I'm--not so much blocked as depressed. Or too easily distracted to finish much.

Today's daily render goes behind a cut:
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I don't think I ever made that tag for, "I just made a new character, and here it is."

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